Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mama Date #2! (with shoppingXD)

Hi againXD

So I blogged about a date with mom and then I remembered I didn't even wrote about our mall date
 that was before! We met at Azrieli mall and had lunch and did some shopping:D

That day I went on a gyaru kei summer style^^

Lashes are Diamond Lash Beauty Eye and the lenses are Dueba Gossip Brown from Solution-lens.com


Hat...bought in Eilat


Did my own shoes for the first timeXD Of course I just decorated them but I'm happy with them:D

At the train station~

We ate at Cafe Hillel


And here are the stuff that mom bought me:DD

Another overall! yay^^
From TFS<3

Bikini top with bijou~ I'm inlove! I'll wear it with plain white bottom
From H&M on sale~ 80 nis!

Topten accessories!:D I really love the style and I want to get some more^^

The best shoes ever from TFS~ They were 30 nis on sale and I REALLY wanna buy them in another color cause I wear them ALL THE TIME.
I wanted them cause they reminded me the ANAP sandals I wanted a while ago~~

And now I'm really going to get dressed lolz
Wish you a great day again!



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