Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dad's birthday, Amekaji second hand gets & School outfts!


I woke up late today cause I forgot to set my alarm clock, But that's ok cause I'm FREEEEEEEEEEE
Yay~ I'm still at my parents house, And I'm going back to Jerusalem tonight cause I need to do some stuff tomorrow~
On Friday was my dad's b-day so yesterday we went to a restaurant for a birthday lunchXD

My outfit~

[Finally not pants!!]

Dress...Liz Lisa
Jacket...eBay mom's
Necklace...Tally Weijl

And my make~ No bottom lashes, Upper lashes are as always Diamond Lash Beauty eye. I really need new lenses though since I only have 3 pairs now and only one of them [this brown ones] suits sweet lookT_T I want new lenses!!!! But I don't have money right now:(

Also I used Canmake brown eyeshadow palette and off brand pink lip gloss without lipstick.

We went to Oban Koban:D I was so happy cause I didn't go there for a long time and also I always wanted my family to try the food there:D

Hatuli didn't come cause he worked:( If I knew earlier that we're going to a restaurant I would tell him to take a day offT0T

 I ate my usual- Hokkaido ramen~

And the desserts:D

That cheese & yuzu cake omg*_*

And now for some gets~
All my gets are from last month since now I'm really broke lol
Anyway there was a second hand sale in my school so I bought 3 items each was 10 NIS that's super cheapXD All items are Amekaji style~

This hat is actually from a store at Yaffo st. and it was something like 25~30 NIS..

And the gets from the second hand sale~

I really like them^^ I can't wait to wear that plaid vest it's my favoriteXD

And one last thing- some school coords from last week. When it was too cold for one pair of pants:|
I'm so happy I got maxi skirts and long pants this year! brand [Central station TLV] brand
Vest...a present from USA brand from Shenkin st TLV


Plaid shirt...Urbanica
Pants...H&M brand from Allenby st TLV


Maxi dress...FOX
Plaid shirt...FOREVER21
Necklace...DIVA brand from Central station TLV


Mokomoko brand from central station TLV
Denim pants...FOX

So that's it for today.
Yesterday I took pics for 2 reviews and 2 tutorials and also a parapara video omg! I didn't do it for so long!!!
I need to edit everything and I'll post it soon^^

And now I'm really going:D To drink coffee with my mom<3
See you soon!



Friday, January 29, 2016

Akipoyo sleep over and meeting, School outfits & Online gets!

Hi Hi!

I'm finally back!^^
I had presentation week this week, Which is the end of the semester, So that means that now I'm kinda in a vacation but I do have a test and another presentation next week. I don't care though since the hard part is over!
 It was so stressful~ Not just cause I had a lot to do but also cause I was so afraid that all I did was not good enough [that was true in some cases though~] but now it's over and I'm at my parents house after almost a month! It's my dad's birthday today so my parents went for the weekend to Tel Aviv and I'm at home with my little brother, Today we made cookies and watched a movie:D [He's actually 14 not so small lol]~ ^^

So today I'm gonna tell you about Akipoyo meeting we had last week^^
On Thursday after school I went to Nettan's in Tel Aviv~ We did our make and then Innu came after we didn't see her for a long time cause she was in Tokyo^^ Then Mayu also came and we all got dressed and went out:D

When I did my make and tried to find the pair of lashes I wanted.

Anyone else have this problem?:|

And my make^^
The top lashes are Diamond Lash Beauty Eye, And the bottom are just ones I bought at Donqi lol
Lenses are Vassen Kayo 3-tone grey~

With Innu<3

My outfit~

Knit...Black Queen
Denim pants...ZARA
Pumps...FlyFoot and Aliexpress bijou clips brand from Yaffo st in Jerusalem
The bag in borrowed from Nettan^^


We went to a pub at Allenby st. where Mayu's friend is working^^
It was so funnyXD We drank a lot and we were dancing, And every time a guy came near us we started to dance super ugly like... I actually did Elaine's dance moves from Seinfeld omg. And it didn't work! They still wanted to dance with usXDD
I died.

With Nettan<3

PiyoBee is yopparai~

Then we got back home and ate and had some coffee lol I don't know whyXD
Then we went to sleep~
Pajama party!

The next day we went to Dizingoff Center~
My make~ Same lashes as the make from the night before but the lenses are different~ Also did everything pink instead of brown\orange

I used Canmake eyeshadow palette and CandyDoll blush & lipstick~

In that day's look I was inspired by Eiri Aizawa<3
She's one of my idolsT_T

With Mayu<3

And InnuXD

Outfit of that day~

Bag...Shimamura & Hello Kitty Doll from Rady & white fluffy tail from DaisoXD brand [a store called Gina in Jaffa st Jerusalem]


We met at Dizingoff Center with Regina & Shenhav and then we also met Noy & Iyar that was there also:D We all went to eat together at Piazza except for Regina that had to leave early;;
Then after lunch most people had to go and I went with Noy & Innu back to Dizingoff Center and just spend some time before we also had to go~


I love meetingsT_T I'm so happy I'm gonna see my gals again this week at Nettan's birthday event:D

This week was SUPER COLD but I have 2 outfits from the week before~

Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Hat...TOPTEN Kids


Skirt...FOREVER21 brand [Allenby st TLV]

And for some more online shopping that I did latelyXD
I won an auction for this Betsy Johnson necklace<33333333 It's so cute omgT_T

And also this coat that I don;t remember how much it cost something like 60 NIS which is SO CHEAP. I hope it will look good like in the photo lol but I like the colors so much~ Also I really need a new light colored coat since my white one is very oldT_T

So, That's it for today~ Tomorrow we're going to a restaurant for my dad's b-day^^
And now I'm gonna go to sleep finally~ I had almost no sleep this week it was horrible~ Gonna try to wake up early tomorrow though cause I still have some stuff to do:((

I'll also have time to post again tomorrow yay:D
Good Night!