Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year! PiyoMinnie date & School outfits

Hi Hi!

Sorry for not posting since 2015 lol
I don't know why, I just became stressed every time I thought f new year's resolution T_T So excuse me for not doing this post right now, Maybe in the near future^^ Those few days were so stressful and I just want the weekend to come already as alwaysXD

So! In today's post I'll tell you about my new year's eve and date with Mayu:D
On New year's eve Hatuli and I stayed at home~ It was so cold and rainy that we only went to the grocery store to but food and then stayed at home and ate it lol
Hatuli made the best pasta ever and we had champagne and 2 buckets of ice creamXD 
Then we watched Kiki's Delivery Service and it was so warm and nice<3

That poseXDD

In the morning of the 1.1 I went to a first date of 2016 with Mayuminnie:D

We met at Azrieli and we had Sushi and did some shopping:D

This was my outfit~ I felt that for New year's I wanna wear something white and cozy^^

Sukapan...LACE GIRL
Necklace...Tally Weijl

And my makeup~
Top & Bottom lashes are Diamond lash, And the lipstick & lip gloss are CandyDoll

When I took of the lenses apparently one of the broke and I didn't see it and then few days ago I wanted to put those lenses and I saw:( I'm so sad, Those are my favorite lenses!!T_T Now I have to  buy them again...

The sushi we ate at Oshi Oshi^^ I took the vegetarian of course~

Then we went to look for stuff at FOREVER21

I'm Kiki!!:D

And look! At the toy store there was a place where they put lots of monkey stuff cause it's the monkey year!XD

My yearXD

And for dessert like last time we bought mini doughnuts at Mr. Donuts:D And we had coffee at Aroma<3


At some point Mayu's suitcase broke and we couldn't walk too much so we sat and hang and talkedXD It was fun and also that way we didn't spend so much money lol [I just bought a sweatshirt at FOREVER21]

We took the train together then I took a bus back to JerusalemT_T

I love ya!<3

It's was really fun as always! And I hope we can meet again soon<3

I'm now at my parents house, So happy~!
Today I came here really early in the morning after I slept 2.5 hours just cause I had stuff to do, But the day turned out really fun cause I went to the mall with my mom and my brother and got many Amekaji stuff::D
Apropos Amekaji, I have some school outfits from the last week~ 

Parka...From Korea
Pants...Tally Weijl

And that day's face lol


This was more boho-Amekaji coord~

Shirt...Second hand
Cardigan...ZARA brand brand [Jaffa st Jerusalem] brand
Scarf...From Japan

I love that hat<3

Thank you for the shirt Annki!<3333

I won't post many gets today, Just those Engineer boots I FINALLY foundXD I got them at an off brand store in Allenby st in Tel Aviv, For 60 NIS:D Yay such a good price!
And they're also rain boots!

And now I'll continue with my never ending Amekaji inspiration picsXD And again I'll say how much I wish more gals would wear that styleT______T
[Even though I also love many other styles like Onee & SweetXD]


So that's it for today's post.
I promise from today I'll get back to posting every day or 2 days! I miss it and I have to find time to do it!
I wish you all a happy new year and I hope and always thank you for your comments and love<3

I Wish You

I'm so sorry for taking so long to answer to comments, But I promise I will always answer!

Have a great weekend everyone!




  1. love your outfits.. they're so cuteeeee.. *_*

  2. Gosh I love love love your coords! Especially the white one that you wore on your Date with Mayuminnie~

    1. Thank you very very much cutie!<33333333333