Monday, January 11, 2016

Today's makeup, School coords & Some thoughts~^^"

Good Evening^^

How are you today? I hope every one's week started in a good way~
Today was my cousins double Bar MitzvaXD It was in Jerusalem so my parents took me there, And I didn't go to school cause it was in the morning [kinda]. I though about going to school and I already waited at the but station and then I realized it's not worth it for one hour><
Anyway, I don't have a good outfit pic but I have makeup picXD

Lashes are Diamond Lash Beauty Eye as always, No bottom lashes this time.

I'm so happy with the dolly wink eyeliner, Really. It' so much faster now to do my make!

When I was dressed in my outfit to school my look was a little different~ But well, Then I came home and changed my hair and stuffXD

With my mom and dad!

It was nice cause I love seeing my family in the middle of the week since it doesn't happen very often^^ 


I also have 2 casual outfits that I haven't posted yet~

This one is clearly inspired by Tsubasa lol~
Well, Her old style anyway [That I talked about in my blog a million times at leastXD]. I just love that style. Also it reminds me so much of the time I started with Gyaru and this was popular, Back in 2008.. When pompom hats & Engineer boots were the thing. 
Well, They still are for me lol

Long sleeves shirt...Castro brand [שוק ראש העין]
Black tights
Boots...Allenby st Tel Aviv

This is my definite point of fashion for this outfit- Headstar X Tsubasa Masuwaka collaboration hat<3

[It's funny how always when I wear Tsubasa's old style I use items I bought at the time.. like at 2008-2009ish.. Like that stripe shirt and this necklace. Of course I bought them cause they reminded me of her style lol]


Another casual outfit~ Kinda rokku maybe.

Knit...King George st Tel Aviv [למאיוש]
Plaid shirt...FOREVER21
Black leggings brand


I really HAVE TO buy some more plaid shirts!

And for small things I bought lately~
Larme kei hair accessories~
Hair band-5 NIS
Hair pins with pearls-8 NIS

And Amekaji accessories~ The bag is from MAXSTOCK and the hair clips are from TOPTEN kids.
Bag-10 NIS
Hair Clips-15 NIS

And one more thing lol
Last time I've posted a pic of Hatuli in a weird pose. Now I know what he reminds me of-

And for some old style gyaru inspiration~ Mostly Amekaji but also some other stuff tooXD

You know, Lately I've been thinking a lot about gyaru styles and everyday gyaru life and stuff. I'm sure every gal will agree that one thing that makes us super happy is to feel gal even if it's not a special event. Right?
I know for me it's like that. I love it when I feel gal in my everyday clothes, And I'm not talking about the hair and make, This is not what I;m trying to say~ What I thought about is, While looking at old gal pics from 2009-2012, something like that, I see that all the dokumo of that time, They're true gals everyday, And they don't look so fancy. I love looking fancy and I love onee and agejo and himekaji, But I feel like we forgot about the more simple styles like Amekaji and mori and just generally gyaru kei, Like the style in the pics I've posted above. 
I don't say that I'm sad that everyone is super fancy now [I wish I was also sometimes lol] but I wish more gals would post simpler casual gal clothes like we used too when there was the LJ group Everyday GyaruXD I guess maybe I'm just being nostalgic and maybe many gals find that style boring or plain, But I love it so much! And I had to let it out lol
I hope what I wrote is not too confusing cause I tried to make some point and I don't know if it happened since my English isn't the best and also I didn't really find a good way to explain myself lol again I'm sorry~
But! Many gals are talking about being more active now and maybe start blog again and I really hope it would happen cause I wish the gaijin gyaru community would be more alive like it used to few years back.
Well, If anyone read it, Thank you lol
Let me know what you think~<3

Have a nice evening\day!




  1. That pic of Hatuli is so hilariousXD

    I usually don't like dressing very casual as somehow I don't feel as comfortable like that..XD I know that's kind of weird><

    I'm happy that more gals are being actuve, there's no use in talking about gyaru "dying" if the ones that talk about it don't even do anything to change it, but I've often thought that when the subject pops up!><

    1. It actually doesn't sund weird to me! I feel like that sometimes, Mostly in summer, That I can't wear something too casual!
      And yes! Some gals are blogging again^^ And I hope more will follow! Also I think that the HYPER event and the GGA helps in some way~

    2. Good!!XP haha, then I know I'm not alone in these feelsXD
      Yeah, that makes me so glad!!!! I'm really starting to feel as if 2016 will be a really good one for gyaru! <3

  2. AHAHAH, that pic of Hatuli!

    I totally get what you mean about gyaru kei. I feel like everyone is 100% brand these days, and I don't fit in with my off-brand items D= I love your blog because you mix brand with off-brand and you look amazing every time <3

    1. Thank you so so much!<333T_T
      And yeah because the style is so fancy naturally brand items look better and also I have to say I think that since there are almost no gyaru magazines the trends are 100% from the brands like for examle Datura & Delyle Noir, And even Rady & Emiria Wiz. But unfortunaly not everyone can afford:( I have very little of those brands so I try to do gyaru in a more casual way for my everyday look, Also I think it's a little hard to be so fancy in a dail basis when you live in any country that is not JapanXD from different reasons~

  3. I just wanted to say that I truly understand the nostalgia and feel of old time in LJ (2008ish?). Even though I was a part of the Lolita community and not Gyaru, it feels much the same - the comradery and smallness made it all the more special and made everyone post even the simpler looks, and lifestyle. not just the fancy stuff (in lolita it turned OTT).
    I hope that you do post more, simply cuz I enjoy reading and looking~ ^3^/
    I also like you posting family pictures, I don't know why, but it feels very cute to me.

    1. Sweetest<3
      Thank you so much for the comment!^^ And I'm sute that in the Lolita community it's the same, It's like that in every fashion community, And it's kinda sad that the gal community is getting smaller though:(
      One gal said that she thinks that it's because it bacame so high maintenance nowdays that lots of girls don't even want to try it cause the think they can't do it, And I think also that it's partly that. In Israel it's like that FOR SURE. That's why I always try to tell the younger girls that it's not about the brands and it's about coordinating and makeup and hair [simple ones though, You dont HAVE to put lenses in my opinion!]~~~

  4. Ahhh look look! Told you I will comment!
    You are stunning as always! ^_^ I really liked the "snowy" feel of your look you had at the celebration!
    And hahaha ohh gosh that pose! My parents used to make fun of me for making sometimes peace signs when I got my picture taken, so they would copy me and make funny faces! I see it runs in your family too! XD
    Oh and I think that I understand that nostalgic feeling...Fancy is nice but can be pretty tiring, with all the high expectations.. and people may not post a really good look even though it simple, so that's a shame. Also I think that simple looks can be warmer and more comforting!^_^

    1. Aaaaaaaah my deary<3 I had such bussy days I totally forgot to blog\replay comments\check out you cute new blog!!T_T Gonna do it right now before I start a new post^^

      Thank you so so much always<3 And yes! I think the simpeler looks fit more to winter fashion. I actually thought about it cause I like Amekaji so much but I don;t know what to do with it when it's summer again!! Probably go back to resort like every summerXD