Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Amekaji coordinates & Online shopping!

Hi Hi!

How are you this evening? Well, today~ Here it's eveningXD almost night even lol.
I was doing homework today! I'm very proud of myself. Still how I'm gonna pass this semester but this is a small progress:|
In today's post I'll share some school coords and Internet shopping I did lately^^

First of all, 2 school coord, Again Amekaji~
I still didn't get tired of this style which is very surprising cause I usually get bored after a very short time lol and then I try another style~

Jacket...Warner Bros store
Socks & Accessories...TOPTEN
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA


Shirt-From Korea
Hoodie...off brand
Tights...off brand [Yaffo st. Jerusalem]

I think this week I'm s little happier about the coords I did for school, Those two are from last week and I don't know for some reason I like them but not as much as I liked other Amekaji coords~
Anyway, Sorry that I don't have point pics this time!

And now for some shopping!

First of all, When I was in Tel Aviv with Anki we went to Nachalat Binyamin and there is a store called Marko Kairi that has beautiful home decorations and furniture and also some other stuff too and it's all very Boho~Princessy, I love it!
I bought there a new mug cup for my collection~ I buy so many and I almost never remember to take pics of them, But this time I did! [While drinking my coffee lol]~ It was only 10 NIS it's so cheap! I have to go back there and buy more cause I liked them all but had too many thing to carryXD

And for some Internet shopping~
I bought some accessories from eBay and Aliexpress lately~ Nothing pricy only cheap things lol
I have the pics of the stuff I got from eBay, And I kinda hope they will get here already cause eBay is usually kinda fast.

Heart choker~Black

Silver star ring
 [I bought a matching necklace from Aliexpress]

This cute sweatshirt~ Cause I kinda need this color for an outfit I want to doXD

Black star pop necklace

I neeeeeeeeed accessories!
And I defiantly need new circle lenses and also makeup. what I defiantly don't need is clothes and somehow I still buy tons of it:|
Help me.

I'm now at home and it's raining outside~ 

I think I'll go to sleep soon even though I thought about doing some more homework but I don;t even know how to start:( I hate it so much:((((
Next week is the final presentations and then we have a break for one weekT_T I NEEEEEEEEDDDDDD IIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT

I thought about posting some inspiration pics this time but I'm kinda tired:( I'm sorryT_T
Also I'm not sure I'll have time to post again tomorrow cause I have to go to work and also do some more homework:( 
Well, I wish everyone a good night! Or a good day:P
Sorry for the boring posts lately, I;m pretty sure that after next week I'll be much more productiveT_T



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  1. Your coords are so cute!
    I LOVE the mug, sadly I don't drink coffee or tea so I usually don't buy mugs... ><