Saturday, January 14, 2017

Amekaji gets & outfit [And I'm still sick]


just came here to tell you I'm still sick and I hate winter.

Well no not really... I wanted to blog a little cause I have free time for a change but of course I have to feel bad during my only free days or maybe that's for the best? I don't know.

So now for the interesting stuff>_>

Some Amekaji winter gets!

CO&LU tshirt<3 I love every detail on itT_T

Some off brand plaid shirt with patches, Again I love every detail XD

I can't wait to wear them<33
I already make coords for them but it's a little too cold:{ In Jerusalem at least.

And here is some random casual outfit I was wearing to run errands with Hatuli~

Sweatshirt...Castro men
Hat...Wakatsuki Chinatsu
Bag...Wakatsuki chinatsu


Now I think I'll just lay down and watch some more VH1 even though it's crap
I just feel so sick:(

I hope you will have a better weekend guys!



Thursday, January 12, 2017

I'm sick:(

I'm sick:(
Yet I have to go to work soon and I'm kinda worried about it... usually it's the worst shift of the week like super long and super intense.. I hope I'll make it:( Also there are mostly new workers today so might be extra horrible, Who knows?:D
At least it's my last shift of the week, that means it's the 8th and it's only Thursday.

Well, I have a little bit of time so I thought I'd make a short post~

So first of all I wanted to share some recent gets!

I got that top [how should I call it:O?] that is kinda rokku-gyaru kei ish and I really like it^^



I wonder if I should wait for spring to wear it or maybe with something under it like with long sleeves or idk....
I want to wear it but it's just so cold!!!!

Also I got this RCWB cardigan~



I really like stuff that are also cool on the back:D I love that cardigan so muchT_T I really want some more RCWB and RodeoCrowns items.

Two weeks ago my cousin got married so I thought I'd share some pics with my family:D

Me and my sister at the party before the wedding~

My little broXD


Lol Hatuli's hands [cause I told him not to do anything stupid with them. well..] 



Tomorrow I'm going to my parents house for the weekend and on Saturday night there is a birthday party I'm going to with Hatuli~ Next week is gonna be intense as well... But at least I'm meeting Ann and at least I don't have 3 double shifts in a row.

Lately I feel so bored cause I don't really get to see my friends so often and also me and Hatuli don't have much time together.. Actually I almost never at home and I get almost no sleep:( Always so cold and tired>< I HATE WINTER.
Can't wait to summer or at least spring and can't wait to get the hell out of this city:\\

I think I might use the little time I still have left before work to make some winter outfits inspiration post...

Have a lovely day everyone~



Saturday, January 7, 2017

Senkura Christmas Meetup!

Hi Hi!

How's your weekend so far?
I had a lot of rest, I needed that and I will need some more to deal with the next weekXD [3 double shifts in a row.]

Today I wanted to tell you about the last Senkura meeting that was 2 days ago!
This time the theme was Christmas\New year's~

My makeup~

I used my favorite Diamond lash beauty eye as top lashes [2 pairs] and bottom lashes are off brand from donqi~ the lenses are from Solution-Lens and also I used essence eyeshadow palette^^
Lipstick is Candy Doll ramune pink [also favorite!] 

And my outfit!
I wanted something Christmas but not TOO Christmas so..

Skirt...Liz Lisa
Necklace...Tally Weijl

We did a little present swap as well!

each one brought a small present and we took a name out of this Santa hat and gave the present to the person who's name was on the little paper:D

I got a present from Shahaf!

Thank you!^^

And some random pics:




Buny & Noy at Bruria

Mayu and I got our ear pierced again [third pierce] 



Next time we will make a second pierce in the other ear^^

Also as usual we went to McDonald's

Turtle neckXD

This was the #8 senkura meet and we thought we should make a fb page for our small community^^
Please like our page and check out the pics from all our meetings!:D

Also, If you live in Israel and you want to join us you are more then welcome! The senkura is not a closed community and it's for every gyaru or gyaru lover who wants to join!

Now I think I'm gonna look some more at Nana Suzuki's blog. I;m trying to find some winter Amekaji inspiration cause I feel really boring lately:(
I'll post my findings here soonXD

Have a lovely weekend everyone!