Thursday, January 12, 2017

I'm sick:(

I'm sick:(
Yet I have to go to work soon and I'm kinda worried about it... usually it's the worst shift of the week like super long and super intense.. I hope I'll make it:( Also there are mostly new workers today so might be extra horrible, Who knows?:D
At least it's my last shift of the week, that means it's the 8th and it's only Thursday.

Well, I have a little bit of time so I thought I'd make a short post~

So first of all I wanted to share some recent gets!

I got that top [how should I call it:O?] that is kinda rokku-gyaru kei ish and I really like it^^



I wonder if I should wait for spring to wear it or maybe with something under it like with long sleeves or idk....
I want to wear it but it's just so cold!!!!

Also I got this RCWB cardigan~



I really like stuff that are also cool on the back:D I love that cardigan so muchT_T I really want some more RCWB and RodeoCrowns items.

Two weeks ago my cousin got married so I thought I'd share some pics with my family:D

Me and my sister at the party before the wedding~

My little broXD


Lol Hatuli's hands [cause I told him not to do anything stupid with them. well..] 



Tomorrow I'm going to my parents house for the weekend and on Saturday night there is a birthday party I'm going to with Hatuli~ Next week is gonna be intense as well... But at least I'm meeting Ann and at least I don't have 3 double shifts in a row.

Lately I feel so bored cause I don't really get to see my friends so often and also me and Hatuli don't have much time together.. Actually I almost never at home and I get almost no sleep:( Always so cold and tired>< I HATE WINTER.
Can't wait to summer or at least spring and can't wait to get the hell out of this city:\\

I think I might use the little time I still have left before work to make some winter outfits inspiration post...

Have a lovely day everyone~




  1. Feel ya, I had a fever for over two weeks...
    I hope you get better soon! (;__;)

    1. Thank you sweety😞💗💗 hope you're ok now!!