Saturday, January 7, 2017

Senkura Christmas Meetup!

Hi Hi!

How's your weekend so far?
I had a lot of rest, I needed that and I will need some more to deal with the next weekXD [3 double shifts in a row.]

Today I wanted to tell you about the last Senkura meeting that was 2 days ago!
This time the theme was Christmas\New year's~

My makeup~

I used my favorite Diamond lash beauty eye as top lashes [2 pairs] and bottom lashes are off brand from donqi~ the lenses are from Solution-Lens and also I used essence eyeshadow palette^^
Lipstick is Candy Doll ramune pink [also favorite!] 

And my outfit!
I wanted something Christmas but not TOO Christmas so..

Skirt...Liz Lisa
Necklace...Tally Weijl

We did a little present swap as well!

each one brought a small present and we took a name out of this Santa hat and gave the present to the person who's name was on the little paper:D

I got a present from Shahaf!

Thank you!^^

And some random pics:




Buny & Noy at Bruria

Mayu and I got our ear pierced again [third pierce] 



Next time we will make a second pierce in the other ear^^

Also as usual we went to McDonald's

Turtle neckXD

This was the #8 senkura meet and we thought we should make a fb page for our small community^^
Please like our page and check out the pics from all our meetings!:D

Also, If you live in Israel and you want to join us you are more then welcome! The senkura is not a closed community and it's for every gyaru or gyaru lover who wants to join!

Now I think I'm gonna look some more at Nana Suzuki's blog. I;m trying to find some winter Amekaji inspiration cause I feel really boring lately:(
I'll post my findings here soonXD

Have a lovely weekend everyone!




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