Friday, January 6, 2017

Work outfits~

Hi Hi!

I can't believe 2017 started a week ago and I'm only posting now!
The thing is, I'm busy + distracted so I couldn't do it before:(

So I think this weekend when I have time I'll make a few posts of stuff that happened\outfits\gets and I'll be back on trackXDD

So first of all, I wanted to share some work coords and some recent gets!
Those are pretty old already...

I'll starts with the outfits!

Otona vibes..

Tshirt...Pull & Bear
Accessories...BLESS, eBay, TOPTEN



Vest...second hand
Black tights brand brand



Tunic...from Korea brand brand
Shoes...King George st. Jerusalem
Necklace...Tally Weijl


Sweatshirt...h&m men brand
Scurf...second hand


I feel like when it's so cold it's harder for me to make outfits that I like:(
I really need to get some new inspiration.

And here are the gets!

I found a cute shop close to my house that sells cute accessories and I got me some pompoms and glue for my lashes and also cute plumeria hair clip that I'm gonna use only next summer:(

Also I got this skirt from the shop where I work [Shesh] and I really like it! I already have an idea for outfit [more then one\ but I didn't wear it yet! I cost only 60 nis but it's sold out alreadyT_T

Also I really needed black fluffy vest~ I found this one that I like and was 20 nis something like that... At the central station in TLV

So that's it for this random post!
Yesterday was Senkura meetup so I think my next post will be about that:D

Hope you have a lovely weekend!




  1. Yay! New year post! Happy New Year! I love all the coords and goodies you got! I wish there were more shops selling cute things like this near me!

    1. Thank you!^^ And happy new year:D
      I aways like to go to cheap accessories\toys stores cause they have lots of kawaii stuff:D