Thursday, March 26, 2015

First day in Tokyo - Harajuku!

- 27.3.15 -
Chilly Night in Tokyo

My first post from Tokyo^^ I'm of course, still wake up although it's 1:14 am and I didn't rest after my flight X_X

So I'll try to make that quick and go to sleep lol

My flight took something like 17-18 hours cause I flew with Alitalia and had a transit at Rome, where I waited for hour and a half [wasn't so bad] and then took the flight to Narita.

The flight could have been nice but the food was horrible! I asked for a vegetarian meal and got like.. cold cooked vegetables from a can and a little bit of cold bread and few pieces of fruit, and I got that meal 3 times while the others got Pasta, Buns and many other things that ARE vegetarian anyway so... yeah. I have to ask them to cancel that on my flight back.
But one good thing on the flight was that I was finally allowed to read Hatuli's goodbye card and it was so cute I criedT_T
This is us cuddling~ T_T!!!

So even though I was a little afraid of all the check ins and transit and stuff, everything went really well and smooth, and I took the Narita Express [NEW] to Shinjuku to meet Nettan and do Check in to my room. It was so socking for me to meet her there cause we are dreaming about that moment for so long and here we are... 

After I did check in we went to my room and I changed clothes and put on some makeup so I won't be ashamed to walk in the streets with all the perfect girls around T_T
We did a kind of Kiki Lala Harajuku twinning XD
And then of course, went to Harajuku:P but we passes through Shibuya on our way so we did a little walk through 109 Men's XDD

Nettan & Me

There was that Gudetama IG thingy that we took a photo with!:D

He is my lost twin.

Then we went to Harajuku and did a little bit of shopping in Takeshita Dori<3

And we did out first Purikura together!
I'll post it next time though cause I still don't have it XDD lol


And Nettan met paper Shimon on the street XDD

In heaven


Then we were really starving cause we didn't eat the whole day so we went to eat yasai tempura at Tendon with Goldie!


It's like one of my favorite foods evah XDD why does it have to be so fat?T_T

After Tendon we went to sit a little bit at Starbucks and then Goldie went home a Nettan came to Donki with me to buy some stuff that I needed~

And then I went home! and now I'm here lol, after I unpacked my stuff and took a shower~
And now I have to go to sleep. I'll take photos of the stuff I bought tomorrow morning cause it's really dark now and the light is yellow and I hate that:X
So see ya again tomorrow!^^

Good night!



Wednesday, March 25, 2015



I'm at the airport waiting for my flight. I didn't really write it but I did mention here and on Twitter, that I'm going to Tokyo for 3.5 weeks^^!
It's been 2 years since I've been there and those 2 years were spent on studying in Bezalel. I still have 2 years to go but this was my dream for the last year and a half, to go to Tokyo in the spring and see the Sakura with my friends:>
So I'm gonna be in Tokyo from 26.3~18.4, hope to meet a lot of people and see [and buy of course XD] many beautiful things<3

So now I can't decide if I want another cup of coffee [I had 2] or not XDD

oh and this is my flight outfit lol

I'll try to blog a lot while I'm in Japan but I guess I'll update my Twitter more so~

Bye Bye!^^


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

PiyoMinnie date, Photoshoot looks & New gets^^

It's really late, like.. 00:57, and I'm at my parents's house. Tomorrow morning is my flight and I'm so excited!!
I'm packing and unpacking and I can't decide if I took too much or I dunnoT_T
Anyway I thought I'll take a break and do another post since I wanna finish blogging about the things that happened lately, or maybe I said that already?
Anyway, here I go.

So before Harucon Mayu and I wanted to meet and buy some seifuku cardigans, so we had a shopping date in Tel Aviv^^

Dress - Sugar Gloss
Jacket - Castro
Boots - Yumetenbo
Shocker - Paris Kids
Hat - off brand

 We also had coffee at out favorite place, Loveat!
The best coffee I ever had

coffee monster


It was surprisingly hot that day:OO

!Was fun to have a date after a long time we didn't meet
Love you bubon!^^

And! I got the photos from the photo shoot I had with Yaniv a few weeks ago!
He wanted to do a Japanese fashion photo shoot so I chose 3 styles- Rokku, Agejo and something like Black Diamond inspired lookXD
I'll post the actual photos next time but Those are the looks^^

Also, some new stuff I got^^

Ma*rs off shoulder knit~ so perfect! I wanted something like that for so longgg

Sugar Gloss fuwafuwa pants^^

This skirt that I got from my grandma, I've posted an outfit pic with it last time^^

Cute shirt from my aunt!^^

Also My friend from school gave me those two adorable shirts^^

So now I'll try AGAIN to write the synopsis of the story that I need to send my teacher until the morning:| omg.

Have a good night everyone!♥