Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Makeup, Gets & Meeting with Innubee and Moe chan!

- 24.3.15. -
Sunny Day in Jerusalem

Good Morning!
I woke up like an hour ago and I only have to school in 2 hours yay^^
It's finally feeling like spring again! One of the things that can make me the happiest person ever XD
I still have a lot of events to blog about, so I might do 2 posts today if I'll have time~

So the Japanese embassy made a character exhibition in Tel Aviv and I went with my mom cause she also loves Japanese characters^^

My makeup for that day~
I love Candy Doll lip gloss so muchT_T this one is the 'Gelato Glitter' and it's my favorite! 

Me and Kitty chan!^^

There was a part of the exhibition that was like a Japanese Teenage girl's room~ SO PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was such a cute event^^ I love that we have things like that in Israel sometimes~~

After the exhibition we went to ear lunch at FreshKitchen, Yummy~~~

Then I had to go back to Jerusalem cause I had work in the eveningT_T

After Moepi fame back from Japan we met in Tel Aviv^^
I missed her and now she's in the army and I don;t see her againT

When I was on my way to Tel Aviv, you can see my pink hair here~ it's more pinkish on my bangs^^

And Moepi inspired outfit for the day:D

Knit - MANGO
Skirt - my grandma's retro skirt!^^
Boots - Renuar
Necklace - off brand

Moepi brought me Gudetama stickers!!!*0*

Then Innu chan also came to the mall and we had coffee and talked and went to look at some shops XD

Before I had to go T______T
I love you kodomotachiiiiiiiiiiiii

This cute Sugar gloss super short dress\long tunic XD
I bought it for me in pink and for Nettan in white, so we could make a princess twinning :DD

I bought some more seifuku cardigans! I love those so much they are so comfy and oversize yet the look so cute^^ and the colors*_* each one was 35 shekels I think~ that's really cheap*_*

And when I went to the exhibition with my mom we went to the mall and she bought me this cute 
setup from FOREVER21! I love it so much and the fabric is so softT0T
Also you can't see in the pic but the print is sparkling T_T

So now I'll go and clean my messy house a little bit before I go to school~ after school I'm going to my parents house and Tomorrow morning...T_T omg

So I wish you all a lovely day, and thank you always for sweet comments!^^



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