Tuesday, March 24, 2015

PiyoMinnie date, Photoshoot looks & New gets^^

It's really late, like.. 00:57, and I'm at my parents's house. Tomorrow morning is my flight and I'm so excited!!
I'm packing and unpacking and I can't decide if I took too much or I dunnoT_T
Anyway I thought I'll take a break and do another post since I wanna finish blogging about the things that happened lately, or maybe I said that already?
Anyway, here I go.

So before Harucon Mayu and I wanted to meet and buy some seifuku cardigans, so we had a shopping date in Tel Aviv^^

Dress - Sugar Gloss
Jacket - Castro
Boots - Yumetenbo
Shocker - Paris Kids
Hat - off brand

 We also had coffee at out favorite place, Loveat!
The best coffee I ever had

coffee monster


It was surprisingly hot that day:OO

!Was fun to have a date after a long time we didn't meet
Love you bubon!^^

And! I got the photos from the photo shoot I had with Yaniv a few weeks ago!
He wanted to do a Japanese fashion photo shoot so I chose 3 styles- Rokku, Agejo and something like Black Diamond inspired lookXD
I'll post the actual photos next time but Those are the looks^^

Also, some new stuff I got^^

Ma*rs off shoulder knit~ so perfect! I wanted something like that for so longgg

Sugar Gloss fuwafuwa pants^^

This skirt that I got from my grandma, I've posted an outfit pic with it last time^^

Cute shirt from my aunt!^^

Also My friend from school gave me those two adorable shirts^^

So now I'll try AGAIN to write the synopsis of the story that I need to send my teacher until the morning:| omg.

Have a good night everyone!♥




  1. you both look so cute together~ Love the beret
    Amy x