Wednesday, March 25, 2015



I'm at the airport waiting for my flight. I didn't really write it but I did mention here and on Twitter, that I'm going to Tokyo for 3.5 weeks^^!
It's been 2 years since I've been there and those 2 years were spent on studying in Bezalel. I still have 2 years to go but this was my dream for the last year and a half, to go to Tokyo in the spring and see the Sakura with my friends:>
So I'm gonna be in Tokyo from 26.3~18.4, hope to meet a lot of people and see [and buy of course XD] many beautiful things<3

So now I can't decide if I want another cup of coffee [I had 2] or not XDD

oh and this is my flight outfit lol

I'll try to blog a lot while I'm in Japan but I guess I'll update my Twitter more so~

Bye Bye!^^



  1. Have fun!! I'm thinking about going in June XD I really wanted to see the cherry blossoms this year buuut maybe next year then!

  2. So this was your secret planning on fb, I knew it!^___^
    Thank you so much dear! I wish you could come;0;
    Hope your plan goes well!<33