Monday, March 23, 2015

Asian fashion Israel meeting & Pink hair!

- 23.3.15 -
Cold Day in Jerusalem

I feel like I really have to finish posting about all the stuff that happened in the last month [or more lol] cause soon I'll have a lot to post again and I'm just lazyT_T
Today was  crappy day at school.. I didn't really want to talk to anyone and I was really moody and tired>< but now I'm at home and I ate lunch and I have something like 2 hours before work. yay~

 so today's post is about the Asian Fashion Israel meeting that was.. a long time ago><
Asian Fashion is of course Asian fashion livers in Israel, it's a community on facebook, and we had a meeting in Tel Aviv^^

My outfit~

Cape - a present from Nettann
Lace shorts - LACE GIRL
Boots - Yumetenbo
Necklace - Tally Weijl

Me and Mayu before we met everyone


Those cute Harajuku girls!!!T_T
Or, Violet and Mika <3


With Mayu and Noy ^^

Me and Cerrychu



Mika Chan!


After we did parapara we had to do that Serikamacho pose XD

It was so fut and I was happy to meet everyone^^ I hope we will have another meeting sometime!

When I was i Tel Aviv for the meeting I bought pink hair color from FREAKSHOW~ this is a water based hair color - Carnation Pink

I mixed it with my hair conditioner and the first time wasn't very noticeable but the second time I put a lot more of the Pink color and stayed with it on my hair for something like 50~60 min and this was the result!


it's something like pink blonde~ish.. I think? 
I'll put more pics in the next post^^

So that's it for today!
I hope it will be a calm night at work, and tomorrow the morning class was canceled so I only have one class at 14:00 and then I'm going to my parents house and........ so excitedT_T

I wish everyone a great week!




  1. Ah, the pink hair looks lovely! (*u*) <3

    Hope you have a great week as well!

  2. Everyone looks so nice and I love your outfit <3

  3. I loooooooooooove you gal's outfits! They are just on point!
    The harajuku-clothed girls were cute, too. Your pink hair was my goal hair color back when I wanted to dye it pink... never got the guts, though