Monday, February 22, 2016

Date with Innu & Onee gyaru gets!

Hi Hi!

Long time since my lasy update! I sorryT_T
It was the end of the semester break and I wanted to do so many things so I kinda didn't have much time alone\time to use my laptop~
Now we're back to school~ Yesterday was the first dayT_T and today was the second and I over slept and when I woke up [cause my alarm clock didn't work] it was like 15 min before class:| I hate it. Also it's raining like crazy outside which is even more depressing~ Where is my spring?? It was here last week!!:||||

Anyway, I today's post I'll tell you about my date with Innu~ When it was still fun in my lifeT0T
 We met of Monday at Dizingoff Center~

I used Canmake eyeshadow palette no.02 [Baby Beige] and Diamond Lash top & bottom lashes~
Lipstick is CandyDoll Ramune Pink and the lenses are Vassen Kayo 3-tone grey from Solution-Lens

And my outfit~
This time Onee style^^

Bag...Shimamura, Kitty doll from Rady brand

We went to eat breakfast at Landwer near Dizingoff Center and I had my first coffee lol

Then we went to look at some stores inside the Center and took some picsXD

Then we left to walk aroung King George street and took some more picsXD

We finished the walk at Loveat and had another coffee [my favorite coffee place!<3] 

Then we went back to the Center and charged our phones before we had to go home~ I went back to my parents house^^

It was super fun<3333333333

 Lately I feel like I somehow have too many clothes or at least *enough* clothesXD It doesn't stop me from buying tho, But actually I think that I have clothes for almost every style that I like but I don't have enough Onee gyaru style itemsT_T Especially not for winter. Lately I got 3 new Items that go with the style but I defiantly need to get some more [have n money tho] 
I got this Lip Service maxi dress like Nettan's

I'm inlove!<333
Gonna wear it to Harucon next month^^

Also when Innu came back from Tokyo she got me those:

Delyle Noir skirt

INGNI shirt 

I love them<3 Thank you so much Innu!^^
I need some skirt to go along with this shirt~ Maybe white one? Or grey one<333

 Whet I'm truly obsessed about lately is actually something else and not Onee style [even though I love it so much].
I became obsessed with 2 models that one of them is on my top 3 and one was my first favorite when I started gyaru.
The first one is Yumachi~

I'm going through her blog lately and I'll post many pics soon^^ I think that with Yumachi I like how she dresses now and how she dressed few years back better then when she used to wear a lot of d.i.a cause I feel more inspired by those coords that she does now, But I still like when she used to wear d.i.a and when she was more gal. She is still gyaru now and It makes me so happy and also worried what will happened when she quitsT_T

My second current obsession is a very old one that came back [lol] and it is Tsubasa Masuwaka:

But as you can she in the pic, In her old oooollldd days. like back in 2008.
I always liked Tsubasa and she was the first gal model that I knew~ But somehow along the way I kinda forgot about her and I think I'm gonna do a whole post about it but I just have to say that I'm now inlove with her all over againXD Well, With her gyaru self:P 

Now I'm gonna get myself something to eat and I'm gonna go to sleep early today!!1 Can't miss anymore school days it just started omg:||

Good Night!



Sunday, February 14, 2016

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher Review (Raspberry Tarte No.3)

Hello everyone!^^

Today is Valetine's day! I'm now waiting for Hatuli to come back from work and then we will watch a movie and eat his favorite icecream that I bought for him [He doesn't really like chocolate lol] Ben&Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake*0*
I thought while I'm waiting I'll do something useful besides posting tons of pics on tumblr lol and so I'll post a review I did a while ago on a really cute product I got when I was in Tokyo<3

 So I'm gonna review Etude House blush called
Lovely Cookie Blusher no.3- Raspberry Tarte!
First of all as you can see it comes with the cutest blush puff inside:D it's mokomoko and has a cute pink bow on it that you can hold while using^^

The color no.3 'Raspberry Tarte' doesn't only look vivid in the package but also on the skin^^
I chose it cause my Candy Doll blush broke and I was looking for a super pink blush~
You might have noticed something about our gyarusa, especially if you met us in person-
We use A LOT of blushXD

As my skin color is a little darker, I have to use even moreXD And this is why I love this ind of color, Because unlike lighter and softer shades of pink, I don't have to use tons of it to make it visible~

Also, This blush lasts a lot longer then other blushes that I used~ I think it's also the color itself but also the powder is thick yet not heavy and I can use just a little bit and still it lasts for a whole day. 

The size of this blush is very good also, Not too small like the Candy Doll ones~ Because of the puff the package itself is a little bigger but not too much~

So I give it-

Color- 5\5
All the points I had!XD
I really recommend this blush if you like your cheeks extra pink!:D ^^

So that's it for today, Only a review!
I hope tomorrow I'll have a little more time and I'll make a bigger post^^
I wish you all happy Valentine's day, I love you!<333



Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fuwarie straight hair styling spray review~ [And yesterday's code & make]

How are you today? It's such a lovely weather this weekend, I'm happy!^^
Big news- My sister gave birth!^^
We went to see the baby and he's soooo cuteT_T I can't wait to know his name, But the hasn't decided yet, Or that's what they say..XD

This was my outfit yesterday:

Hat...Gilfy X Tsubasa

Love this hat way too much thoXD

The little baby boy!

His older brother [who is almost a baby himself:D] decided his name is "Arg". XDDDDDD
So that's how we call him for now lol

My dad with Itamar and new born Arg:D

Today we went to visit again and I hope tomorrow they will finally be able to go home<3

Since lately I straight my hair [I got a little bored with curly hair even though it's my favorite] I thought I'll review one of my favorite hair products~!

Fuwarie hair protection spray

I bought this hair spray when I was in Tokyo [At Donqi] without actually knowing what it does only cause it was on sale lol. Then  read that you're supposed to use it before using iron to straight your hair~ There are 3 kinds [maybe there are more but those are the 3 that I've seen]:

The black one is the one I have for straight hair, The white one is for curling your hair and the purple is for bob hairstyle [Short].

How to use:

You spray the Fuwarie right before you straight your hair, Don't need to wait for it to dry. It's better that you brush your hair before using it so it will spray all over the hair~ I spread my hair in big sections before I straight it [like lower tight\left, muddle & crown right\left sections] and I use to spray Fuwarie on each section before I start straighting it.

What it does:

You can immediately feel that it's actually easier to straight your hair! It's like you feel that you have a protection cover on the hair and after straighting it the hair feels extra soft and looks more shiny and less damaged.
Also, I already used it many times and I didn't see any damage effect on the hair cause of it.

Since I've been using it I like straight hair better. I don't do it a lot but when I do it looks so much better then it used to~

Before & After:

The left pic is kinda old from when I still didn't use the Fuwarie~ Back then I didn't like to be with straight hair so much cause it always looked damaged and dry~ The right pic is after I used Fuwarie and yo can see the hair looks so much better~ It looks soft and shiny. You can see it very good on the bangs.

I really recommend this product, And also I really want to try the curly hair Fuwarie when I get the chance!

That's it for today's post~ I'm going back to my apartment today and tomorrow starts the last week of my semester break!T_T
Hope to do lots of fun things!
So everyone, have a great weekend!