Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Meeting at the mall, Online shopping & Imechen

Yesterday I met with Mayuat Azrieli~ We also met Noy that finished work and we ate lunch and then hang at the mallXD

First off, I said I'll post a better pic of my new hair color since I finally dyed my roots~

That's the color. I dyed with Garnier 111 hair color and I love the result!

And now for yesterday^^
When we meet we usually decide of some fashion "theme"XD This time it was casual onee-rokku styleXDDD lol
This was my outfit~ brand from Jaffa st. Jerusalem
Plaid shirt...FOREVER21

And my makeup & hair~
Yesterday was some kind of imechen for meXD

I don't use to straight hair anymore lol
Also the new color with those lenses & bottom lashes  didn't use in agesXD...
I usually use only grey\brown lenses but I do have pink and green ones.. Since my grey ones ripped couple of weeks ago and for some reason my favorite brown ones ripped yesterday somehow [T__________T] I used those green Princess Mimi~
I actually ordered new lenses yesterday [3 pairs from Solution-Lens]. Also those bottom lashes are some random Aliexpress lashes I cut in the middleXD

So we ate lunch at Cafe Cafe in Azrieli and I got this Balkan Shakshuka [XD] with eggplants and cheese~
It was nice but I don't really like CafeCafe and also I got a burn in my mouth that still hurts:|

After lunch we looked at some shops and I didn't find anything that I wanted [maybe it's better this wayXD] 
Then we had coffee and dessert at Aroma~

After that we took some pics in our regular placeXDD
With Mayu chan<3

Mayu, me & Noy<33

Then we had some stupid fun time with my WC bagXD

I can't even.
Then I went back to my parents house and today I'm going back to Jerusalem~

And here are some recent gets!^^

When I went to the mall with my family my parents bought me this cute coat at TNT~
It's actually a men's coat but since they got one for my brother and it was 1+1 I took this oneXD

Also got those 2 necklaces~

And some stuff that came in the mail~

I ordered this cute sweatshirt from eBay

And here it is~
Very cute! And in a good quality too^^ I'm very satisfied:D

Get it Here


And I got this choker [The black heart one]

It's just *a little* too big but I guess that's ok~ I like it too^^

Get it Here

And this necklace from Aliexpress!
I'm inloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I'm trying to get as much accessories now for summer and the style I'm looking for is the old Kanako Kawabata style<3333 

So that's it for today! Now I'm gonna have more coffee with mom and then go to my bus~ I'm working tonightT_T 

Wish you all a great day!<3



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  1. מושלמון כרגיל!!היה ממש כיף♡♡♡♡