Friday, February 12, 2016

IMECHEN~~ Rokku Gyaru look~! (PiyoBee date^^)

Today was a fun day:D I met with Innubee in Tel Aviv and we did a Rokku gyaru theme looks:D

This really feels like Imechen cause I feel this look is SO DIFFERENT then my regular look*_*
What I used:
Lenses~ Dueba Jelly light brown
Lashes~ Top-Diamond Lash beauty eye
Bottom-Diamond Lash princess eye X random Donqi lashes


Rokku PiyoBee!

We met really early cause I had to go back to my parent house at 14:0~ So first we had coffee and a little breakfast and then we looked at some stores in Azrieli mall but again there was nothing I wanterd AND could afford:((((

Giant ass

Why would they use something like this? What are they tyring to sell?

Then we had a second coffee before I had to goT_T
It was really really fun and I'm happy we met even though it was so short!<33

When we were looking for new makeupXD

I was looking for nude color lipstick that will be light and not too sticky, Cause I have my Apricot Beige Candydoll lipstick that I really like but it's so so dry and I can barley use itT_T
Does anyone have a recommendation?

I have a giant makeup wishlist right now and I have to get money for it cause some of it are product that I use on a daily basis:oo

And more and moooooooooooorrrrrrreeeT_T
Actually the one I want most of all is the KATE eyeshadow palette<33 Have to try itT0T
Well I hope that this month I'll be able to afford some of it~

And now I'm gonna go to sleep cause I'm super tired cause I had almost no sleep last night;A; and also I have the best pajama~

lol I love it so muchXDD
So I wish you all a good night!<3



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