Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nettan's Birthday Event!^^

Hello everyone!

How are you today?
I'm on my semester break so I'm at home~ Hatuli went for a trip with friends for a few days so I'm alone, But tomorrow I'll go to my parents house again so that's fine^^
In today's post I'll write about Nettan's Birthday Event that was on Thursday^^

So In the morning I went to school for my last presentation and my last test~
I felt like both went really well but today I've seen my grade on the presentation and for some reason it's not good. Not the worst but it is defiantly not good. Also I've seen the grade for another course that was better in 3 points and yet it's not what I expected at all... I thought that I'll get good grades in both courses so I'm kinda got a bad mood after I saw it and now I'm trying not to think about it [So I'll stop talking about it><]
Anyway, That was my outfit for school that day~

Skirt...FOREVER21 brand
Hat\scarf...from Paris

Point on the cardigan~ I really really like it! I have it in another color as well^^

After I finished the test I went home and I needed to do my hair and make~ Then I realized that I forgot my eyeliner at my parents house so I couldn't so my make:| 
This was my hair before doing my bangs tho~

Then I just did the basic make until the eyeliner part and I went to the central station and I bought at SuperPharm a new pen eyeliner from essence that it actually really nice I should review it sometime~
I finished my make and I was so worried that I'll be lateT_T Then I took a bus to Tel Aviv and there I took a bus to the place where the restaurant was~

My bus was creeping in the corner for 5 min before coming to the station wtf

Also bad makeup pic with bad lighting lol

Then I got to the place, And I got there first lol and I was so worried I'll be lateXD
The restaurant we went to was a place called Toto, It's really close to the Japanese embassy so we know the place well lol
It's a really fancy and cool place!
Then the Nettan & Ann came and then Inna and then Mayu~

Nettan the birthday kodomo<3

We ordered food and I took a Jerusalem artichoke soup [it's not an artichoke and it doesn't come from Jerusalem lol but that's it's nameXD] with cream and chestnuts, And it came with 2 Brioche toasts with truffle butter~

It was way too perfectT_T You can't understand how tasty it wasT0T

then we ordered coffee and desserts and we got 2 desserts on the house!^^

The coffee came with the tastiest butter cookie<3

Cheese cake with strawberries

Something called lemon flower~

And there was also icecreamXD


Then Nettan opened the presents and this was her beautiful way to appreciate itXD

So cute:D

I got her 2 tops one from Lip Service and one from Rienda^^

And some more pics^^


Delyle gals<3
This is actually the only outfit pic that I haveXD


At the bus station on the way home~

It was really fun evening and I'm happy that Nettan had fun^^ The restaurant was perfect I have to go there with Hatuli!XDD

Today is a very very rainy day, Suits my mood><
It was perfect weather last week where did it go??
Also I work this evening so I'm gonna freezeT_T do not want
I hope I'll soon forget about this grade thing cause usually stuff like that don;t bother me but somehow this semester was one of the worst I ever had...
Hope it will be ok...

So now I'm gonna do some stuff at home like dishes and such cause usually that make feel good^^

I wish everyone a lovely evening!




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  1. Love the pictures from Nettan opening her presents :D