Sunday, February 14, 2016

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher Review (Raspberry Tarte No.3)

Hello everyone!^^

Today is Valetine's day! I'm now waiting for Hatuli to come back from work and then we will watch a movie and eat his favorite icecream that I bought for him [He doesn't really like chocolate lol] Ben&Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake*0*
I thought while I'm waiting I'll do something useful besides posting tons of pics on tumblr lol and so I'll post a review I did a while ago on a really cute product I got when I was in Tokyo<3

 So I'm gonna review Etude House blush called
Lovely Cookie Blusher no.3- Raspberry Tarte!
First of all as you can see it comes with the cutest blush puff inside:D it's mokomoko and has a cute pink bow on it that you can hold while using^^

The color no.3 'Raspberry Tarte' doesn't only look vivid in the package but also on the skin^^
I chose it cause my Candy Doll blush broke and I was looking for a super pink blush~
You might have noticed something about our gyarusa, especially if you met us in person-
We use A LOT of blushXD

As my skin color is a little darker, I have to use even moreXD And this is why I love this ind of color, Because unlike lighter and softer shades of pink, I don't have to use tons of it to make it visible~

Also, This blush lasts a lot longer then other blushes that I used~ I think it's also the color itself but also the powder is thick yet not heavy and I can use just a little bit and still it lasts for a whole day. 

The size of this blush is very good also, Not too small like the Candy Doll ones~ Because of the puff the package itself is a little bigger but not too much~

So I give it-

Color- 5\5
All the points I had!XD
I really recommend this blush if you like your cheeks extra pink!:D ^^

So that's it for today, Only a review!
I hope tomorrow I'll have a little more time and I'll make a bigger post^^
I wish you all happy Valentine's day, I love you!<333



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