Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Outfits & Good Price Gets!

We're almost in the last day of the year! Can you believe it??
It's so weird! This year went too fast!!:OO

Today I didn't have a lesson but we had a movie & a lecture and it was AMAZING.
I realy recomend you to see that movie it called in english :Next To Her:, It's an Israeli movie that is a MUST. And I don't always think that about a movie. 
ובעברית- "את לי לילה", מי שלא ראה אתם חייבים הוא מדהים ביותר מידיי רמות.
Anyway after the movie the two main actors that one of them is also the writer of the movie had like a lecture about it and we could ask them questions and everything. Sireiously one of the best things that happened in Bezalel lol.

For another thing lol this was my outfit~
Very rainy and cold day:O

Knit dress...Bezalel market Tel Aviv brand [רחוב יפו ירושלים]
Tights...Doll Kiss brand [רחוב אלנבי תל אביב]
Bag & Earmuffs...Central station Tel Aviv


And this was my outfit yesterday, Slightly inspired by mukashi no TsubasaXD

Cardigan...Allenby st. Tel Aviv
Skirt...from Korea brand רחוב יפו ירושלים]
Boots...Renuar brand

Also when I was at my parents house yesterday I also snaped Tutti's outfit as wellXD


Also another Amekaji outfit from this week. I really didn't like it though but I thought I'd post it anyway cause I also think I know what didn't work~ The skirt looks a little too long or something and also the color of the hoodie looks weird with the other colors. Maybe I should wear it open or something. What do you think? brand

Didn't wear those shoes in so long! I have them since I'm 15XDD

And some new gets!
When I went Christmas presents shopping of course I found lots of stuff for myself as well lol
So I found this~
It's actually a part of a setup but I couldn't fins the pants when I took the pic lol
I really like it and also I wanted a black setup for a really long time.
It was only 40 NIS!

Also in Yaffo street there is an outlet store of a brand called GAZIT, And I found those is only 30 NIS.

This high neck shirt that is a little too tight but it's cute~ They had it in many many colors in a store called 'Gina' that you can find also in Allenbi street in Tel Aviv and it was 10~15 NIS I think.

And THIIIIIIIIS I love that sweater so much!!! The shape and the color and everythingT_T I can't believe I found it and it was only 30 NIS!!!
It was at a store called 'Zoya' also on Yaffo street, But! Again you can find that store on Allenbi street in Tel Aviv.

Also when I was with my mom at Superpharm she bought me those adorable socks~ I think one was 13 NIS and the other one was only 1.90 NIS on sale^^

It's glittery!:D

Yesterday I posted some Amekaji inspiration pics that I found lately, And today I'm gonna post some more!XD
Hope it will inspire others to wear more Amekaji!!:D

 And I have more. But I think 50 is enough for today:|
Say.. What do you do for inspiration?
Does anyone else start looking at blogs like a freak, In all posts of all years since that girl opened her blog, And saves TONS of photos on his computer?:| I feel so obsessed. Then again, That's the one thing that helps me to make so many coordinates~ Hmmm....

I just ate cake and I feel fat. Winter days, Why do you make me so hungry??T_T
I really have to start to chill a little with the food lol help XD
Tomorrow I don't have school cause my lesson was canceled, And it's not even my birthday!! It's like a new year's miracle.. or something.........
So now I'm gonna take a shower then maybe I'll go to sleep~
Good night everyone!