Friday, December 4, 2015

Last night with the gals & School outfit

Hi Hi!
How is your weekend so far?^^
I'm now at home, Hatuli is already sleeping and I'm about to joinXD It's now 12:57 AM in Israel~
But first I wanted to blog about yesterday at least, Tomorrow I'll make a post about to day so this one will not be too long!

So, Yesterday I went to school late cause I had only a noon class~ 
School code:

Mickey Shirt...From China
Plaid Shirt...FOREVER21
Hat & brand




George is wearing my glasses and looking like a model.

After school I went home to take my stuff and do my makeup, And then I took a bus to Tel Aviv to meet Nettan & Innu^^
At first we drank a little at Nettan's place and then after eating 3495834059834 cookies we went to some club and then to eat some moreXD

And this is Nettan's cat, Nam. 

My makeup~ Didn't take a good pic with my eyes open but my lenses were Vassen Kayo grey.

Went on Onee gyaru look with mix skirt^^


And a better outfit pic~ The cardigan and bag are borrowed from Nettan.


After we ate we took a taxi back to Nettan's and went to sleep after talking and talkingXDD
Today we met with Moepi and Mayu but I will blog about the meeting tomorrow^^ Now I'm really tired and still need to take off my makeup omg.
I wish everyone will have a great weekend!!<3 

Good Night!


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