Monday, December 14, 2015

Amai Hanukkah event*~*~*Pics!

Hi Hi!

How are you today? Everybody started a new week~ And it's super wintery here in Israel!
Yesterday I went to the AMAI's Hanukkah event in Ramat Gan~
 It was pretty spontaneous cause I had school but I Mayu told me she's going so on Saturday night I decided to skip school and go [againT_T] [so what] [I want to enjoy life]. ANYWAY. ww
I first took a bus to Tel Aviv to pick up a dress [it's awesome and I'm gonna tell you the story in my next post], And then I met with Mayu near Azrieli to catch a bus to Ramat Gan which is very close and it was supposed to be very quickly but the bus was super late and we arrived to the event in the late afternoonT_T 

Anyway, This was my makeup~
Both up&bottom lashes are Diamond Lash, And the lenses are the dark brown lenses that Nofar brought me from Thailand and I'm not sure about the name but I really like themXD

Also used CandyDoll Ramune Pinku lipstick & Strawberry Milk lipgloss<3

As for my hair I was really unsure about what I should do cause I wanted the look to be Himekaji but also I didn't want to only curl my hair and use hair accessory cause it looked too childish I feltT_T So then I did this half up and I kinda liked how it turned out~

My outfit as I said was Himekaji^^ After a long time I didn't really wear sweet and Himekaji, Only for photoshoots or once on the summer event maybe. I was a little inspired bu Okarie as always~

Dress...Ank Rouge
Jacket...Liz Lisa replica
Bag...Shimamura [300 yen!!!] Sangenjaya

With Mayu on the bus

When we got to the event we met with Noy and also with Einav<3
We went to look for a place to sit and I was really hungry and didn't eat all day, and luckily I brought food with me cause for some reason there was NO FOOD\COFFEE in the event:||| wtf
We found a spot and we just sat there until we left lol

With Mayu & Noy<3

And it was next to the Karaoke room so we also met Noga chan:D


w w w

Nono chan<3

And also we met Shenhav!^^ It was great meeting you ad talking to you! we met once or twice before but we never really got to talk so it's fun that she could come even for a short time!

Today I went to school even though I thought about not to go lol but I decided it's too much:| It actually wasn't so bad.
Now I'm at home and it's such a mess! I really need to fold all the clothes and wash some dishesT_T
So I'll post again tomorrow! I still have lots of new stuff and also I still didn't do the long pants challenge post that I wanted to do!
Also another post that I want to do is 7 Christmas outfits for a whole week!:D I still need to take pics but that will be only next week anyway!
So have a great week everyone and good night!




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