Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kawaii goshikku outfit, Gets & My new special dress!

Good Evening~

How is everyone today? somehow we're again almost on weekend, This week passed so fast!
This weekend I'm gonna stay in Jerusalem cause I have to work, But I'm meeting Mayu on Friday^^ Yay:D

So what's new?
This was today's outfit~ Very different then usual... brand [רחוב יפו ירושלים]
Shoes...H&M brand [רחוב יפו ירושלים]
Choker...Paris Kids
Necklace...My sister's

Today's hair~

I was kinda inspired by Swankiss shopstaff Mimi~ She has very cute Goshikku style that I like^^ Again I feel like dying my hair pink. Soon.....

So as I said in my last posts, On the day of the Amai event I went to Tel Aviv to pick up a special dress... And that is the one:D ~

It's a 2012 Liz Lisa dress that I want FOR YEARS. I got it thanks to Shachar & Noga! I can not thank you girl enough, I'm so happy!!!
Somehow this dress was in the second hand store where Shachar works, And she told Noga about it cause it's a Liz Lisa dress in a very good price, But when Noga saw the dress she thought that it's really my style and I moght like it, And the truth is that I have this dress so many years on my wishlist and never found it!!! Amazing<3
I love that pattern so much and also the fabric is so softT_T

 I'm thinking of wearing it on Christmas maybe^^
 With dark brown over knee boots and mokomoko bunny jacket:D 

And some more stuff that I got lately~

Did I mention I'm addicted to hats? 

The pink one is again from my wishlist, And again it's an item I want for years~ It's a very old collaboration of Tsubasa X Headstar~

I ALWAYS wanted her hatsT_T
 This is the style of Tsubasa that I like the most and also inspired me a lot this winter! I also want the purple one~ I really like the color combination of lavender and mint, Which brought me to buy the lavender hat with the NY on itXDD
Those two other hats are from TOPTEN and each was 30 NIS which is a little expansive for a hat but it's worth it cause they're special:D The purple one is actually TOPTEN Kids item but it's in a regular size lol. And that Amekaji hat has another version of a Union Jack print but I likes this one better.

Also got those two Onee style items from my older sister [lol how nice] And I think both are off brand~

The dress is for summer but I think I'll try to do a coord with the skirt and the mokomoko bijou knit I posted last time:D

Today I finally went to do my nails!
I had scalped nails in the summer of last year, But when I started school again last year I stopped~ Now I finally back to scalp nails and they're not so long cause of work but they look cute and I just finished styling them:d I don't have a picture yet but I will tomorrow^^

So that's it for today. Tomorrow school and then work, And I can't wait till Friday!!!!
And now I'm gonna find something to eat cause I'm really hungry:P
Have a lovely evening everyone!




  1. Love your goshikku look! And those hats! Where can I get one from <3 <3 xx

  2. Lovely outfit! (*u*)
    The Liz Lisa dress and the hats look so nice~

  3. Ah I'm loving your goshikku look! It really suits you~ That Liz Lisa dress is beautiful!