Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas date with Mayu~! [Also- Where to buy Christmas decorations in Israel]

Good Evening~

Today is the first Christmas post for this year!^^ My Christmas started last Friday when I had a winter date with Mayu in Tel Aviv^^

We went on a Roma gyaru wintry look~

Jacket...Lip Service
Beret...off brand [רחוב יפו בירושלים]

And my make~ Again with the dark brown lenses I got from Nofar<3 I love them so much!
Upper lashes are Diamond Lash Beauty Eye and bottom lashes are off brand I bought at Donqi~
I used different lip color for a change~ I ALWAYS use pink lipsticks and lipgloss and this time I wanted something that will go with the red and brown outfit so I used Soft Touch [an Israeli brand] Raspberry lip color and I really really like it!

Also I have new nails that I forgot to tell you about! But I will leave it till the next post^^


We ate at Aroma cause everything else was SO fullX_X my god~ 
I tried their new vegan sandwich with Cucurbita Moschata which is a kind of a little pumpkin\sweet potato vegetable XD Very tasty lol~

Then we went to look around at some stored and everything was so Christmasy<333
Btw if you're from Israel and looking for Christmas decorations and stuff, This post is for you!

First we went to Bruria that had a big Christmas presentation outside the store~

With scary mannequins in costumes~


Then there was the candy store next to Bruria that also had many Christmas decorations~

And The Fairy Forest store had this beautiful Christmas presentation at the display window<3

Look at Mumin!^^

And inside of course many many decorations

And also there is a gift shop next to Greg's Coffee that had this funny Santa on display lol

Also! We found ourselves in hats lol


And for dessert we had mini doughnuts^^

Then I had to go cause I had my last train~
Winter twins<3

Hate to say goodbye..

At least we will see each other again soon^^

I have many outfit pics I still haven't posted yet cause I didn't have time lately... Kinda of a difficult time for me but it will be ok~ You can see my outfit everyday on my FB page though^^

So that's it for today! Not much I know but I'm so tired and I still wanted to blog today cause I didn't blog for a week!!
Tomorrow I hope I will have time to make a post with all my outfits from the past week with the details and point pics^^

Good Night,


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