Friday, December 25, 2015

Akipoyo Christmas Party~!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

I'm now at my parents house and soon we're going to a restaurant to celebrate my mom's birthday:D
Can't wait to give her the present! It's also my brother's birthday but I already gave him his present earlier today^^

Last night on Christmas eve my Gyarusa had a party at Nettan's house:D 
When I was on my way~

I got there last cause I came from JerusalemT_T
I don't have a good outfit pic for some reason but I have this~

Dress...Liz Lisa brand

Finally got to wear my new dress<333 I love it so so muchT_T

When I got to Nettan's place I put the presents next to the tree:D

It was decorated so beautifully*0* Cute!

We had a pink apple champagne which was SO GOOD! And I usually don't like champagne!



With Beautiful Nettan


My Innu that I won't see for a few weeks and I'm gonna miss<3

After a glass of champagne we went to our favorite place Piazza and had dinner:D

Then we came back home and finished the champagne lol and had cookies for dessert:DD
Some more pics~!

 Then we opened our presents!^^
Look how cute!

From Nettan

From Mayuminnie

From Innu

Thank you my cuties!<333

After that we just hang and talked and then we went to sleep^^
I had to wake up super early and go cause I had a dentist appointment ughT_T But also I wanted to spend some time with mom on her birthday so also we went to buy my brother's present and also had some coffee^^

Now Hatuli also arrived and soon we're going to the restaurant. I'm excitedXDDD
I ate so much the last few days though~ And I put my Christmas sweets in this sock, Even though at my apartment there is another one which is even bigger lol kill me

So I hope everyone had fun Yesterday and Today!
Here in Israel we don't really celebrate Christmas with our families but we celebrate it with friends if we want to^^
I had so much fun this year! Can't wait till next yearXD

Have a lovely evening!
Merry Christmas!



  1. I really love seeing you all together having such good time! Makes kind kind of jelly actuallyXD

  2. Aww you all look so cute!!
    Merry Christmas sweetie <3