Monday, November 30, 2015

3 Outfits & Tsubasa Masuwaka coordinate inspiration [LOTS of pics!]


I'm having a really bad day-_- I'm really upset and thought I'll post to cheer myself up a little.
It's all cause of my teacher that is a real bitch and cause of her I didn't do almost any progress in my work today which will affect my whole semester, and it's all cause she's mad at me for not keeping up with the rest of the class, but instead of helping me and the other girl that needs help, she's making the gap between up and the class even bigger.
 I'm really upset by that and also I woke up late today and had to rush out and when I came home I just fell asleep.. I donnu. Just a bad day.
And I'm working tonight. 
The only happy thing that happened today was that I started looking in Okarie's blog again and looking for inspiration and I found TONS.
But that's for another post. 

Today's outfit was Amekaji with my new plaid shirt\dress from FOREVER21

Shoes...REPUBLIC Footwear

Also another outfit I didn't post, from last Saturday when I was at my parents house~ brand
Skirt...Allenby st.
Black tights
Choker...Paris Kids

And this was yesterday's code, Inspired [kinda] by Tsubasa's coord in the pic on the left~


[You can read the review I did on those shoes in my last post, And also there is a link to buy them!]

This is the second outfit I did lately that was inspired by Tsubasa so I thought I'll try to find more coord pics of her! I found a lot so I though maybe you'll also found them inspiring!
[Click to see actual size]

I really love almost every coord she did in her Gal days~ Especially the Amekaji and Rokku coords!
I wish she wouldn't have delete her Stylewalker blog, there were so many pics there that I didn't save and gone forever!T_T

Anyway, this post was kinda short and mostly pics, but I have to say it did cheer me up *a little*. Now I'll go back to Okarie's blog I think, Until I'll have to go to work:(
I really hope tomorrow will be a better day.
See you again tomorrow I hope~



I just came back from work and realized I didn't publich the post. lol
Work was ok and now I'm going to sleep~
Good night!<3


  1. I'm sorry to hear school is still being difficult for you...>< I wish you could be studying something you enjoyed better <3

    Really cute outfits!!! *^^*

    1. Yeah I really wish I would have done a different dagreeT_T But only 1.5 years and then trying Japan scolarship!<3

      And of course thank you so much!<3333

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your school difficulties! <3 But please don't give up! <3 I know you'll pull through :D

    I love your outfits!

    1. Thank you sweetheart!T_T What a sweet comment!<3 I am trying to do my best and I hope some things will get better cause actually it'snot ALL bad there^^