Saturday, December 5, 2015

Yesterday's meeting, Makeup & Outfit!



How are you today?
I just came back home from my aunt's house~ Soon have to go to work of course.
It's SO COLD. Really it's so hard for me to leave the house nowT_T Don't take me out of the blanketT___________T
Before I go to work I wanted to blog about yesterday's meeting in Tel Aviv~
So on Thursday night Innu and I slept at Nettan's house, And then on Friday morning we went together to meet Moepi & Mayu at Dizingoff Center.

Dueba King Grey [from Solution Lens]
Top~ Diamond Lash Beauty Eye
Bottom~ Diamond Lash Cute Eye

Straight hair again~

With Innu before leaving the house~

And my outfit~ Kinda onee-sweet-somethingXD

Knit...King George St. [למאיוש]
Bag...Shimamura & Hello kitty X Rady doll
Boots...Second Hand brand

Innu & I had to carry our suitcases all dayXD

Kitty chan what happened

At least Innu has a pink one:D SO cute!


When we mat everybody and had coffee while waiting to the restaurant we wanted to go to that wasn't open yetXD 

And at the restaurant~ As always 'Piazza' at Dizingoff st.

And I had my beloved salad for lunch<3

And another coffee of courseXDDD 

With Moepi that I almost never get to see anymore!

Moe chan's face are so cute here I couldn't just............

I'm sorry I had to.

And after lunch we went back to Dizingoff Center to hangXD
Purikura went wrongXD

omgXDD ew


Then after a while Mayu & Moe had to go and shortly after I had to go to cause I took a bus to JerusalemT_T
I really hate how short Friday's are in Israel, especially in Winter time when it gets dark earlier so Shabbat is starting early and there is no more buses and trains until Saturday night:| Isn't that stupid? YES IT IS.

Anyway, I really wish to meet the girls again soon, And also it's Christmas in few weeks so at least I know we will have a Christmas party together^^

I'm really tired and hate the idea of starting a new week of school:(
But I will do my best of at least I will try. I have to stop waisting time and start my homework on time so I will not have a problem in Animation classT_T ugh.
For all of you that their weekend is about to end like mine, I wish you a great week and keep yourself warm cause it's getting colder and colder everyday in Israel!!
And for those of you who still have Sunday, Have fun in the rest of the weekend!:D



  1. It was so much fun!!! <33333 can't wait to our next meetup T.T

    1. Me too!! I really hope we can meet before you fly!!<3

  2. Just can't get over the cuteness! Wow that is really annoying that you don't have busses for such a long time *^* I couldn't deal with it

    1. Thank you sweetheart!!<333
      And yeah that's kinda impossible and annoying ughT_______________T

  3. Aaah you gals are so gorgeous! *3*