Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gets, Outfits & Nails!


How are you today? Can you feel Christmas in the air?XD Here not so much, But maybe a little bit cause I live in Jerusalem lol
So because I didn't blog for a few days I didn't share my outfits here, Only on my FB page and IG [And maybe some on Twitter], But there I don't post details or point pics, So here is my big outfit post!
But before that, Some new gets that came in the mail lately^^

Ank Rouge<3

I'm falling inlove with this brand more and more with every item I get lol

This one's for summer but it was too cute I just had to

Those 2 sweatshirts are perfect I love them so much<3 I Already had an Ank Rouge sweatshirt that I love so much so I wanted to get more [and more and more], And when I got those I noticed they had the old and the new tag~

 Which one do you like?
I had to ask cause I'm so inlove with the old Ank style with the pink & brownT_T Wish they had this style now.. Not that I don't wan almost every item they have now lol but the old style used to be much more Gyaru and you can see it even in the tag~

Also I got this MURUA leopard cardi, FINALLY I got one I always felt that it's like a "must have" item for gals lol
And now that I wear a lot of Amekaji I really had to get one:D

And an off brand pink gingham pants cause it's coldT_T

So now for all the outfits!

Knit...MANGO brand [רחוב יפו ירושלים]
Dark brown tights
Boots...Crocs brand
Choker...Panda Shop

Got this one from Noy, Panda Shop's owner, As a present last Christmas:DDD
Thank you!<3

Denim dress...FOREVER21
Jacket...hiromichi nakano brand

*Sorry no point pics for this outfit*

Sweatshirt...Ank Rouge brand
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Hat...from Rome
Choker...Hand made

Sweatshirt...Ank Rouge
Maxi dress...Cecil McBee brand

As for today's post, I will post it next time cause I wore shoes that I still want to review^^ 

And my Christmas present came early this year-
Senpai notice me again on TwitterT_T

And one more thing~
Last week I went to do my nails, I now have scalp nails again after a really long time, And this is the design I did when I came home~

Kinda basic cause I didn't do my nails for a long time [Like, decorated them] but I like it^^
I want to do Christmas nails for tomorrow but I don't think I will have time for that unfortunately~

Also today I went Christmas sopping and I found this-

Cutest key chain ever<3 Piyo chanT_T

So that's it for today~ Tell which outfit you liked the most on the comments!:D
[Or on facebookXD]
I wish everyone a lovely evening and now I'm going to get dressed to workT_T



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