Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mama's birthday~^^! [HELP! I need new lenses!]

Good Evening<3

How was your day yesterday?^^ 
Yesterday's evening we went to a restaurant with my family for my mom and brother's b-day:>
I was wearing a cute-onee-ish outfit^^ Inspired by Satomin~


I finally got to give my mom the present I got her:D

It's a plushie of Winnie The Pooh dressed as a butterfly lol and I'll tell you why it's so specialXD
When I was 10 we went to Disneyland Paris and it was Easter so they had like a limited edition of Winnie the Pooh characters dressed as butterflies XD And my mom REALLY loved the butterfly Pooh, But she didn't buy it cause she thought "What are we gonna do with it we have so many plushies", But then... She regretted it ever since lol Like, She was looking for a plushie like that every time she was at Disney parks but she never found it and she always said that she regrets not buying it and that it was so cuteXD So I found one and bought it for her and it's actually says "Easter 2000" on it's leg^^ So cute:>
My mom actually cried a little when I gave it to her~~~ I'm so happy that she liked it that much! Even though I knew she would:D

And for some more pics from the restaurant~

Hatuli & Me<3

Hatuli & Me >:[[

And with my brother:D

Today we spent all day in front the TV watching movies and eating lol
What a lazy day. But I haven't done that for SO LONG. I really needed that. 
And cutest Tutti was lazy watching movies with usXD

We watched Haul's Moving Castle, The Princess Bride & a scary movie called The BabadookX_X

And also I forgot to tell you abput is that I won some IG giveaways lately!^^ I never win them and suddenly I won 2!
One was from Kiseki Fairy shop that I won a pair of KikiLala slippers, And the other one is from Spreepicky that I won those adorably boots~
I really can't wait for it to arrive!!T_T
I'm gonna review both pairs^^

So My friends were here and now they left earlier then I thought so actually I have time to blog:P
Tomorrow I'm going to Tel Aviv with Hatuli and meeting Ann later also:D Yay!

Lately I'm considering if I should buy a pair of small natural lenses in brown or black just for school~ Cause I don't have time in the mornings for full gal make, But still I want to put on lenses. All my lenses are 14.5-15.0 and it's a little too big for natural make without lashes or with very natural lashes [That I don't have time for put suppose I did], And also I have a thing for black lenses lately, So I might also get a large pair in black too. 
I thought maybe I should try and do a light cute makeup to school cause right now I don't wear any makeup usually cause I feel like full gal make or no make at allXD But I don't know I feel like doing a cute everyday makeup like this maybe~

I really like her makeup! I like her more in Gyaru makeup but still it's really cute and clean~
So, Those are the lenses I thought about [Took all pics from Solution Lens]~ Black\Brown 14.0-14.2 mm:
What do you think? Which one is cute? I really need help so please tell meT_T
Nicorun is actually using lighter brown lenses but I want something like 2 tone or even 1 tone just to make it a little more dolly-like.

So now I'm gonna take a shower and also organize my stuff cause we wake up really early tomorrow.
Good Night!
[That's Hatuli & Me watching TV lol]




  1. You're so adorable<3
    That birthday present is so thoughtful! Presents like that really are the best!!!

    The first and last contacts are both really pretty, and seem like they would blend quite naturally with your eyes*^^*

  2. I agree with Emi & Lea, the first and last pairs look really nice! ^ ^

  3. You look so gorgeous! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas <3

    I really like the third ones (second one down from the left) but the first ones are quite cute too ^^

  4. That's so adorable about the winnie the pooh plushie! Love your boots~! I like the first lenses ^^