Tuesday, December 8, 2015

3 outfits & Image change!

Sorry for not posting for a few days~ This week is going really slow for me:( I really want Thursday to come already cause then I'm going to my parents house.
I'll blog today about what happened since my last post, which is mostly outfits lol
I also has some new gets but since I didn't take photos yet it will be for next time.

So on Saturday I went to my aunt's house~ She also lies in Jerusalem but far from my house, So my mom & brother picked me up^^
This was my outfit~ long time no Liz LisaXD

Angora knit...H&M
Sukapan...Liz Lisa
Bag...Liz Lisa


My aunt has the cutest dog omg. Her name is Shubi and she's still a puppy and so fluffy and playful:DDD

We had lunch together and it was really nice to see my family^^
After I came back home I went to work and it was so cold I actually cried when I got home:||

On Sunday it was FREEZING. If it goes on like that it will snow soon:| DO NOT WANT.
Well kinda want cause I won't have to go to schoolXDD
This winter I'm trying to stock up maxi dresses & skirts to wear on cold-and-not-rainy-days. I really like that look and never really tried it until now. 
This was my outfit with my new Christmas sweater:

Denim maxi dress...FOX
Necklace...Tally Weijl
Hat...off brand

[I love that necklaced_T]


Yesterday I was wearing another cozy coord with Nordic pattern leggings^^

Knit...from Korea
Leggings...off brand [ת' מרכזית ת"א]
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Shushu...Bought in an accessory shop in Rome

I don't have today's coord cause again I didn't go to school:|
Yesterday after school I went on winter accessories shopping in the city and then I went to work. I didn't really sleep before so  was super tired, And today I woke up and I couldn't get out of bad it was so cold and I was so tired:( I have to stp skipping classes though. SIGH

What else is new?

Few day's ago I decided to cut my bangs again after a long time. 
It's kinda straight but I pull it to the side anywayXD

What do you think?
I like it better I guess. My long side bangs always looks messy to me:(

Also, It's now Hanukkah in Israel. But only children get a vacation on this holiday:( Anyway I really like it and especially the food:DDD
Yesterday at work we had small menorah stickers to put on the waffles lol

Happy Hanukkah!!

So, Now I'm at home, I slept a lot today and now Hatuli also woke up. I really hungry so I think I'm gonna grab something to eat now:D

Wish you ll a lovely evening!




  1. Cute outfits! It's been getting really cold in Iceland as well... even been having some really bad storms><

    You look really cute with your bangs, but I must say that I am really curious about how you would look if you grew them outXD <3

  2. Thank you!^^ And here it's not the worst yet:O The worst is when it's snowing cause it's only happenes in the high parts in Israel [like where I liveT_T]
    And actually I'm always thinking about growing them out but then I always give up and cut itXDDDDD I have to try once!!