Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A day in Tel Aviv, New clothes & Amekaji inspiration!

How are you today cuties?
I'm at my parents house today cause I had a dentist apointment in the morning and also it's my brother's 14 birthday:D
It's nice being here in the middle of the week just like thatXD Even though I have to go back to Jerusalem tonight cause I have to go to school tomorrow morning.

This sunday we didn't have school so Hatuli and me went to Tel Aviv:D
For lunch we tried a new Japanese restaurant called Boazu:D
This was my outfit~ Inspired by Chika & Chie<3

Denim shorts...Dizingoff Center off brand store
Boots...off brand
Hat...off brand [Central station Tel Aviv]
Black Tshirt
Random pins

I'm too inlove with Amekaji<333

On our way we passed through the central station and there I always see that store that sells toys in 10 NIS which is super cheap, And it always looks like those are toys that no one wantedT_T So I always have to rescue them~ This time I bought one and Hatuli bought one. We chose the teddy bears that looked... most unapealing XDD

I love themT_T

Also this cute old toys store that had Christmas tree on display~ Adorable<3

When we got to the restaurant XD

We had the Udon soup that I really liked

And the Ramen that was good but I liked it less then the Udon~

We also had some yummy salad with 3 kinds of onions:D 
Over all I really likes the place and I will go there again cause it's still very new and the menu is like a "Running menu" and doesn't have many options yet~ 


For dessert we had Yogurt at Tamara that was yummy as always:D 

Then Hatuli went back to Jerusalem and I met my friend Tom and we had coffee and took a walk to Nachalat Binyamin Where I met Ann cause she needed to buy stuff for her school:D I tried to find pink gingham fabric cause I want her to make me a skirt but I didn't find anythingT_T Maybe cause it's winter~ 
Anyway, After that we went to Loveat and then looked at some stored and I finally bought engineer boots!!! I didn't take a photo yet but I will for next time~


Ann brought me cute presents from London^^

And also some clothed that she doesn't wear anymore~

I LOVE when people give me clothes:D My collection is getting bigger lol
Thank you so much Annki! I'm so happy!<33

Today I found lots and lots of Amekaji inspiration pics~ Yay!
I'm really into this style lately, I feel like I really found my style cause I always try a lot of style and like.. Doing imechen every dayXD

 I like that a lot but I always wanted to find the one style that I like the most. I don't know what will be in summer but for winter I feel I really found my styleXD
It's so underrated though.... Don;t you think?
Maybe cause it's very casual and it's not as fancy as other styles, Cause every style had like a casual style and fancy style, But I can't think of a fancy Amekaji outfitXD That's why I like to wear sweet of Onee or sometimes Agejo when I go to gyarusa meetings and stuff like that, But for my daily life Iike something way more casual. I don't feel like I can wear Agejo or Onee to school everydayT_T
So for now I think I'll stick with Amekaji and maybe a little bit Rokku:D I like the combination of them like Tsubasa used to wear:DDD

Here is some of the inspiration I found today:

I will post more next time^^

So now I'm gonna do what I always do at my parents house- PackT_T
Have a lovely evening!




  1. I love your cardigan it's so cute! I want to find one just like that!
    I agree, I love Amekaji so much for casual wear, it's so cute and easy to wear, unlike onee or agejo, or even some himekaji, it requires more work, lol! You got some really cute clothes from your friend! I'm excited to see your new outfits!

  2. That cardigan is so nice! (´u`) <3