Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Event! Manba look & lots of pics^^

In the last post I wrote about the Amaidol contest^^ It was a part of the summer Animecon, so today's post will be about the rest of the event:D
After the contest and the results I went to the restrooms with Innu chan to change clothes!
My look was Manba-ish\Ganguro summer look:D
Of course it was ALSO inspired by my love, Kotobuki Ran XD


Accessories...FOREVER21, Shuk Hacarmel, Handmade, off brand

My make was a little different from my usual by using a lot of bronzing powderXD
I tried to make my eye make also darker and heavier but It doesn't really showsT_T I'll try to do it more extreme next time~

And my nails, fake nails that Nettan brought me, and they are Maenon nails or something:D
Really goes with the resort summer look:D

Akipoyo gang!

Badass Akipoyo~poyo!

With Innu & Mini Innu Liza:D


With sweet Almog! was so nice to finally meet you!<3

Piyottan! We we're kinda twinning with the ganguro look but Nettan is WAAAAAYY more tan then meXD so prettyT_T


With Mayuminnie & Ne~tan 

And we met Sofie that also like Gyaru!:D YAY!

Innu, Mayu, Me & Noy^^

Violet chan!<3

And cute Reizy!<3

After Nettan, Innu and Liza had to go I stayed at the con with Mayu and Almog~ we also met Nonochan^^
Then we we're really hungry so we went to eat and we also found those adorable My Melo key chains! They were a little expensive but we couldn't resist XDDD

Then Almog had to go back and also Mayu had her bus so I walked Almog back and then went home^^ [So nice to live 5 minutes from the place of the event for a change!!!!!!]
When I got home suddenly people started to send me massages asking me if I was at the Anime con cause apparently we we're on the news!!XDDDD

So I had a real good time and I was so happy as always to meet new people and of course hand with my gyarusa:D
Next month there is another event and I hope to go at least once! [it's 3 days~]. Also next month, or actually in 2 weeks Hatuli and I are finally MOVING. finally!!!!! I can't wait.

So see you in my next post!<3



Ok for some reason it won't let me center the post:| and my laptop died. 
Sorry for the ugly post:(

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Akipoyo LIVE! The results of the Idol Contest and pics!^^

- 22.8.15 -

It's a Hot Evening in Jerusalem


So I thought I will update again the day after the last post but then I didn't have timeT_T
I think now that all the events are over I have more time to myself, cause even if I didn't have things to do physically I had a lot on my mind~  BUT! I do feel like this summer I did a lot of things that I've never done before and even if I was nervous and scared before I had a lot of fun in the end! 
One of those things and the most recent is the Idol contest that we took part in! It was in an Animecon 2 days ago and it was so scary for me! It was the first time I sing in front of people and the live was so nerve wracking! I thought I'm gonna cryXD
So I'll start the day before the show, when I met with Innu & Mayu to have final rehearsals!

It actually went really good, we all did the dance as it supposed to be and didn't forget stuff and also the singing part went well, even the tricky partsXD I felt really good after the rehearsals and also it was fun! 
After we finished Mayu came with me to Jerusalem to sleep in my place cause the con was in Jerusalem and we had to be there really early.

This was my outfit that dayXD 

It was again inspired by 'GALS!' XDD

Bag...Samantha Vega

Our stuffXD it was so randomly matching that I had to take a picXD

So the day of the contest we of course woke up really early and did our hair and make and then went to the place where they held the Animecon and to the main hall. We met all the other contestants back stage and did some sound checks ON stage which was really scary cause it was the first time with the mic and the lights and everything and my voice almost didn't come outT_T 

All the Idol contestants!

Just before we went to the sound check

And the LIVE!

 I still can't believe I did it! it was SO SCARY. really. I know I did a lot worst then in the rehearsals~ I forgot some words and I didn't sound so good cause my voice was really shaking but! It was such a great experience and I think we did good job!

After the show the host tried to talk to us and we didn't really respond cause we we're too shockedXDDD lol
And then there was one more song and the results. We felt at first that we didn't do such a good job and we thought we really have no chance on winning first of second placeT_T

But we did! Akipoyo won second place! we we're so shocked it took us time to understand that we need to go on stageXDDDDD 

I'm so happy! I feel a lot better after I know I can do it and I know I can sing, which is something that I ALWAYS wanted to learn how to do! of course I'm not as experienced as Innu or Mayu but I feel more confidence then I ever was in my singing^^

After the results we went to change clothes and meet friends and about the whole Animecon I will have to do a separate post cause there are a lot of picsXD
So for now, this is all!

-If you want to watch our live, we have it on Akipoyo fb page!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!