Saturday, August 15, 2015

Meeting, Super Gals! & Tokyo Haul

I've been wanting to post since morning but I was so lazy and just read manga and drank coffee all day. Now I see that it's almost time to go to work and suddenly I have powers, of course!
Anyway, those two weeks were very busy~ I had to study for a test and also do a research study for school, but that was great since my study was about GyaruXD I really got into old school gyaru since then lol. Also I finished all the photo shooting for Gal VIP!
 The fall issue will be my first one, I'm so excited!XD 
Also great news, it's only 1 month till we move to our new apartment! I really can't wait:OOO

So in today's post: Meeting Ann & Nettan, my latest manga obsession and some more of my Tokyo haulXD

Two day's ago I met with Nettan in Tel Aviv and we took a bus to Jerusalem together, cause we wanted to go to a yearly fair called "Hutzot Hayotser" which is a n arts and crafts fair from all over the world^^

My outfit that day was a casual gyaru look~ inspired by 'GALS!' XDD

Shorts...שוק ראש העין
Bag...Liz Lisa
Kitty Doll...Rady
Accessories....TOPTEN, Odem [RIP lol], Amaro


Little Twin Stars<3

At H&M lol 

At the bus of course the driver told us we're being loud. *sigh*
Anyway when we got to Jerusalem we went to my place so I'll leave my bags and change my shoes,  and then we went to the city center to wait for Ann, and while waiting we looked at some more storesXDD
Then Ann came and we went to the place where the fair is held, and when we got there we went straight to the universal fair but then we saw that this year Japan wasn't coming!T_T But! there were beautiful stuff anyway and we wanted everythingXD lol

Also we took a pic with that manXD

And with that cutie tako!!!T_T 

Chinese food <3

 After we looked at everything Ann bought Alpaca doll with real alpaca hair from the Peru boothXD it's so cute my godXDDDDD
Then it was getting late and they had to catch a bus so we all went home~ I'm so happy we went there! I love Hutsot Hayotser and I go every yearXD

Also I didn't post that random outfit pic from my movie date with Hatuli some time ago^^

Socks...tutu anna

And now for my latest obsession!
Every month I pick up a new gyaru obsession to be inspired byXD I can't even keep up with the changes god.
So this time it's the manga "GALS!" by Fuji MihonaXD
It's all because of the work I did for school about gyaru! lol. I suddenly remembered it and how I watched the anime when I just found gyaru back in 2008 and I thought I'de watch it again. but I really hate the dubbed version and shouldn't find the Japanese one. so I started reading the manga. and it is WAY BETTER then the anime! really!! If there was any Manga in the world that I would wish that was in colors it was GALS!!! but still it's so great and I can't stop readingXDD
Kotobuki Ran is such an idolT_T

And it makes me miss Tokyo so much:((( and I really try to avoid that feeling since I came back but now it's starting to crack it's way>< oh no.

So if we already talked about my Tokyo visit, here are some more stuff I bought thereXD

This was from a SEGA station in Akihabara and it took Inna and me 43983498 times till we got itXDD

And this took Nettan something like 2 times lol

Also I bought many Seifuku stuff~ those too ties are from Paris Kids

Pink tie from Donqi

Pinkish caramel color cardigan from Donqi

Extra wide 120 cm loose socksXD

Also bought two beautiful sets from Yummy Mart in PARCO

Mini Gudetama from Kiddy Land

The black socks are from tutu anna and the Piyo socks are from a store in Harajuku

Those are also from the Harajuku shop

Cute hair clips from Daiso

Fluffy accessories from WEGO

And some stuff from SBY

Lala pass case from a shop in Takeshita Dori

Cute Mymelo charm that Nettan bought for meT_T

Korilakkuma plush from Kiddy Land

My Piano doll from Puroland

And that bitter cat pass case from a shop in Harajuku XDD

So that's it for today, I had to hurry cause I need to go to work soon T_T
I don't wanna!!!!!!!!!!! Saturdays are the worst:(

 At least tomorrow I'm not working.
So maybe I'll post again tomorrow!




  1. ahh I love Super Gals so much, it was how I found out about the gyaru fashion <3 all the ties are so cute~!

  2. כל כך הרבה בנות יפות, אאוטפיטים מתוקים פשוט שלמות *___________*