Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Event! Manba look & lots of pics^^

In the last post I wrote about the Amaidol contest^^ It was a part of the summer Animecon, so today's post will be about the rest of the event:D
After the contest and the results I went to the restrooms with Innu chan to change clothes!
My look was Manba-ish\Ganguro summer look:D
Of course it was ALSO inspired by my love, Kotobuki Ran XD


Accessories...FOREVER21, Shuk Hacarmel, Handmade, off brand

My make was a little different from my usual by using a lot of bronzing powderXD
I tried to make my eye make also darker and heavier but It doesn't really showsT_T I'll try to do it more extreme next time~

And my nails, fake nails that Nettan brought me, and they are Maenon nails or something:D
Really goes with the resort summer look:D

Akipoyo gang!

Badass Akipoyo~poyo!

With Innu & Mini Innu Liza:D


With sweet Almog! was so nice to finally meet you!<3

Piyottan! We we're kinda twinning with the ganguro look but Nettan is WAAAAAYY more tan then meXD so prettyT_T


With Mayuminnie & Ne~tan 

And we met Sofie that also like Gyaru!:D YAY!

Innu, Mayu, Me & Noy^^

Violet chan!<3

And cute Reizy!<3

After Nettan, Innu and Liza had to go I stayed at the con with Mayu and Almog~ we also met Nonochan^^
Then we we're really hungry so we went to eat and we also found those adorable My Melo key chains! They were a little expensive but we couldn't resist XDDD

Then Almog had to go back and also Mayu had her bus so I walked Almog back and then went home^^ [So nice to live 5 minutes from the place of the event for a change!!!!!!]
When I got home suddenly people started to send me massages asking me if I was at the Anime con cause apparently we we're on the news!!XDDDD

So I had a real good time and I was so happy as always to meet new people and of course hand with my gyarusa:D
Next month there is another event and I hope to go at least once! [it's 3 days~]. Also next month, or actually in 2 weeks Hatuli and I are finally MOVING. finally!!!!! I can't wait.

So see you in my next post!<3



Ok for some reason it won't let me center the post:| and my laptop died. 
Sorry for the ugly post:(


  1. All of you guys look so lovely as always, I'm glad you had a good time ^ ^

  2. Waaaah So many cute gals! I would really love to meet you in person once, but I guess you guys live super far *^* MAnba is a good look on you, even when you're not super tan -.^