Monday, September 21, 2015

Outfit inspiration time! 4 Onee gyaru coords with 1 basic skirt~

Hey guys!

So in today's post I'm gonna show you different gal styles you can do with one plain skirt^^
I was using this white pencil skirt from Lip Service and made 4 coords, each in kind of a different style, but I tried to keep them all gal style!

(Bought from Lip Service)

When I was in Tokyo this spring I've noticed that the most popular style in gyaru now days is Onee gyaru. I actually fell in love with it myself and now I'm really into that kind of style along with the more sweet and Kawaii style I usually like. It feels really elegant and still has the Gyaru-ness that I want.
Popular Onee brands are Datura. Rienda, Lip Service & Delyle Noir, and other less known brands like Sneep Dip, Resexxy & One Way, and if you wanna be hardcore luxurious onee gyaru, try Rady, Emiria Wiz .and Michell Macaron.
But even the Onee gyaru look can have different styles.

Sexy Onee Gal

Shoes...Fly Foot

Kawaii Onee Gal

Shirt...Cecil McBee

Resort Onee Gyaru

Top [under]...Bershka brand
Bag...Bershka brand

Romantic Onee Gal

Shoes...NO NAME
Bag...Shimamura brand

You can find this kind of skirt at almost any fast fashion brand or even off brand shops~
For example, a quick search and I found this skirt at FOREVER21-

I hope you liked the post and I really sorry for the lack of updating lately, I finally moved apartments and everything is still in boxes, we have no furniture and it kinda suck... also the moving itself was horrible;; Now I work almost everyday and today I had time so I just had to make this post!
I have many many posts coming don't give up on me XD!

Have a great week!




  1. Hey, the outfits are awesome! Not really my style but something I'd like to see more of on the streets of Israel :)
    I wondered if you could do a master post on different gyaru styles - I've already asked for it on the Akipoyo Gyarusa blog, but it seems kinda dead now and I don't even know if my comment was noticed...
    I understand this is hard now that you've moved and working and stuff but that would really be nice and interesting ^^

  2. love your blog^^
    super cute like always ^^

  3. האאוטפיט מושלמים!מתה לראות אותך לובשת אותם*_*

  4. I LOVE the resort style! I wish I had your wardrobe T_T

  5. I love that sexy onee gal outfit!!

  6. הכי אהבתי את הרומנטיק והקאווי *_* את כה יפה, מחכה לצלם אותך