Saturday, October 3, 2015

Icon Festival~! Swankiss inspired look and lots of pics:>

Today' I'm gonna post about the 2 days that I went to Icon festival in Tel Aviv^^ 
ICON in a science fiction-gaming-anime-stuff like that lovers festival that happens in Tel Aviv every year for 3 days~ This year I went for the second and third.
Gonna start from the third days though cause I have more pics from it lol

So for Icon this year Innu and I wanted to do a Swankiss inspired twinning for the firs time^^
I don't really have Swankiss clothes though so I had to do something that really only inspired by itXD

Bag...Liz Lisa
Hair accessories...WEGO

I used my new baby doll tunic^^

And this was my makeup~
I've never done something like that before but I kinda liked it~ I didn't use bottom lashes and I drew a very thin eyeliner wing~ also lots and lots of glitters and some face stickers & high blush^^

Innu & Me!^^

And when we met Noga chan and her AlpacassoXD


With Innu & Mayu^^

BadassAkipoyo XD

My spongeebob face towel that was so useful in those hot days ughT_T

After we ate and hang at the festival with friends we had a photoshoot with Yaniv^^ I really want to see the pics:D

With Almog during the photoshoot^^

After that we went to Azrieli to eat and I had a sandwich and a cup of coffee I had wanted so bad all dayT~T

The day before was REALLY hot and I was wearing all Liz Lisa that wasn't such a great ideaT_T

Top...Liz Lisa
Bottom...Liz Lisa
Bag...Liz Lisa
Piano doll...Sanrio Puroland Tokyo

I was wearing a new Liz Lisa top~ 
Long time since I chose an outfit like that actually~ I wish I saved it for another dayT_T

Also cause it was so hot my bangs looked awful when I got there so I had to change my hairT0T
oh well:<<

At Icon with Nettan & Iyar (That I met for the first time!^^) when we were hiding in the shadeXD

With Mayu chan^^

Mayu's friend Daniel and his beautiful face:D

When we got hungry we went to Sarona where there are many places to eat and it's right near the location of the festival, and it was sooooooo crowded that we had to wait like 20 minutes until we could have a table and the only "free" place we found:O then we had to wait really long for our orderT_T
After we ate and had coffee Mayu and Daniel had to go and I went back to Icon with Almog to meet my aunt and cousin that came for a short visit at the fest^^
Then after they left Naama came and we went to eat sushi~

With Almog at the restaurant~

After that we all went home and Naama walked with me to my bus stop^^

So over all I had a great time at Icon, actually the second day was better cause it wasn't so hot and also my hair wasn't ugly lol
I'm really happy that I met so many sweet people and I hope to see everyone again soon!^^

Actually I haven't posted in a while cause we moved to a new apartment as I wrote on the last post, and we don't really have Internet so some days we find a free connection and some days we don't lol
Today I was luckyXD It will be fixed this week so I'm happy and also I'm gonna go to my parents house tomorrow and it also makes me happy cause I haven't been there for a wholeT_T
I do have A LOT of posted I wanna do cause a lot have happened and I have so many pics and reviews and getsT_T I really have to start posting everyday again like I used to.

So now I'm gonna go and change cause I have to go to work soonT_T hope I won't finish very late cause I have to wake up early tomorrow as always *_*

Thank you for reading!




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