Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lens Review-EOS Vassen Kayo grey, Resort style meetup & Gets!

!Hi Hi

I'm sorry for not posting the next day after the last post, but I didn't really have computer time that day and then I had to go back home.
BUT! Yesterday I was unpacking some boxes and I found my old mini laptop and tried to see if it still work and it does! so now I can post:D It's a little difficult cause it's REALLY small but at least something!
So today I'm gonna make a review on a pair of lenses I bought at Solution-lens!


Vassen Kayo 3 Tone Grey - EOS

Diameter - 15.0 mm
Color - Light 3 tone grey
One year disposable

So I was looking for some pair of lenses that will go with Onee gyaru look, cause the lenses I usually wear are too sweet, and I think that Onee-style lenses usually have a thinner ring and a lighter color with more natural look.
I bought those lenses from, you can find them here: 

So I decided to try those and I went on the grey color cause grey is my favorite lens color^^
When I first tried them on I was super shocked of how they were exactly as I wanted! I always have bad luck with choosing the wrong lenses and this time I was very very satisfied!
I love the 3 tone color that looks natural and yet very noticeable, and also finally I found lenses that have that effect of transparent ring after the dark outer ring. which gives a bright look to your makeup~

Also I had them on for really long, few times, and they were comfortable, even though they're 15.0 mm!

So my ranking for those lenses-
Size - 5/5
Color - 5/5
Comfortable - 4/5

I REALLY recommend them especially if you're trying to get that onee-gyaru look, and I can't wait to try them in different colors♥

And for another thing!
A 3485723945872935 years ago I met with Nettan, Moepi & Innu for lunch in Tel AvivXD
Why do I always forget to post stuff? or being lazy??

Nettan and I did a resort style twinning♥

Top...Off brand
Shoes...Random Harajuku shop

My hair & make!
Used those wonderful Vasses kayo gray lenses againXD♥
And also I used orange blush^^

At our favorite place~ 'Piazza'

And it's our favorite cause they have the best salad in the world♥♥♥

After lunch we got back to the Center and just hangXD

I feel kinda sad now cause summer is almost over~ I had great time this summer and even though autumn is my favorite I know I'm gonna miss summer, especially cause autumn is very short and then there is.. Winter-_-
I don't like winter since I moved to Jerusalem cause it's really horrible there.

some gets!
Those are actually winter clothesXD I really need more winter clothes cause I don't have so many and most of my winter clothes are kinda basic, which makes coordinating more challenging but a bit boringXD

Sugar Gloss



I bought some more clothes lately but they didn't arrive yet cause of the holidays>< I feel craving for old Popteen-style clothes and brands like Ank Rouge, One Spo & Liz Lisa [but the old style of Liz Lisa]

So I know this post was kinda summer-ish an it's already autumnXD but I ad to post about all the stuff that happened and everything was delayed cause of my hard disk that got deleted and then the moving apartment stuff and then the breaking-into-new-apartment-steling-my-fixed-laptop situation>< oh... I hope things will get better from now on.
So now I'm off to work [again] and tomorrow gonna get ma salary yay!
Thank you for reading!




  1. את מושלמת כרגיל והעדשות ממש יפות לך!
    הסספנדרס מפנדרי מושלם!♡
    מחכה למפגש הבא♡♡♡

  2. Oh those lens look so good on you, and perfect for onee gyaru!
    I really like your buys *3* MA*RS! <3