Monday, October 5, 2015

Going to the beach, coords & gets!

I'm now at my parents house, So I can post.
After the last post I went to work and when I came back I found that someone broke in to our apartment and stole our laptops and Hatuli's wallet. I was so shocked.. They also looked at many bags and threw stuff on the floor, I felt so bad cause actually one of the things that scares me the most are strangers in my home and imagining those people looking through our stuff and touching and breaking and tearing I was so... I can't even.
I actually don't really believe that the police will find them and I don't think we will get our stuff back, but it could definitely be worst cause they did not find my wallet of cash or camera and they did not do anything to the cat and also it didn't happened while we were asleep cause if I would wake up to the sound of people in my house I would literally die:|
So.. yeah. kind of a bag ending to my summer break but I'm trying not to be too upset and stay positive.

And now for something nicer cause I really don't want to think about it anymoreX_X
Few weeks ago I went to the beach with Nettan & Innu~
I tried to go to the beach as many times as I could this year, before summer ends.
We went to the beach in Tel Aviv and it was really nice, not too many people and the water were great^^

I put on my pineapple bikini for the first time~
bought it at TwentyFourSeven and it was really not expansive something like 60 NIS or less [15$], and I like it so much:D

For my makeup I only used lashes with no lenses or bottom lashes~

Before we went to the beach I met with Innu and we had coffee:D

Summer Fun♥

After the beach we went to find a place to eat, and cause it was Friday it was a bit hard, but finally we went to my beloved coffee house Loveat at Nachalat Binyamin♥
Best coffee ever♥♥♥

Then we just sat there for hours lol and then they walked me to my bus station and I went home happy and tannedXD

Also few weeks ago was the Jewish new year holiday 'Rosh HaShana' and I had dinner with my family~

Dress...Tally Weijl
Flower bracelet...FOREVER21

And my make~ no bottom lashes again

Then the next day I went to lunch with the other side of my familyXD

Flip flops...Liz Lisa

And again make with no bottom lashes~ lazy lol

At lunch with my mom and my grandma^^

And now for some gets~

I bought that DURAS tshirt that is so greatXD I live wearing it in Jerusalem and wee how people think I actually wearing my bra on my shirt lol

And late birthday presents from my sister^^

Love that summer pajamasT_T♥

Also my parents were in Berlin and got me some presents^^

Can't wait to wear this! I have so many coords in my mindXDDD

Aaaaaand my mom found those A3 folders that we bought at Tokyo Disney sea and we never used so she gave them to me♥

And last thing- I bought lots of essence makeup products to review^^

So it's Halloween soon! What are you planning?^^

We really want to do something together as gyarusa but we still don't know whatXD anyway I want to do a crazy bloody makeup!:DD
Also I'm going back to school in a week and a half and I am not happy.
 BUT I hope that this year I will have a little more free time to see my friends and family more frequentlyT_T

So that's it for today! I'm thinking about posting again tomorrow before I go home cause I have no laptop at home and I won't have one until I come back to my parents house again and I'm not sure when it will be:|
Now I think I'll go to sleep [finally] so I could wake up early tomorrow~

Good Night!




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  1. Oh my gosh I am so glad that you're okay! That's horrible what they did... I hope you can find them soon! ;_;

    On a plus side, you look flawless <3