Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Meeting the gals, Nomikai & New kitten!

Hi Hi!

Today I finally got my new laptop^^ It's a lot easier for me to post now, but I don;t have all my pics & decomeT_T.
In today's post- Meeting the girls in Tel Aviv, Nomikai with Innu & Nettan and other stuff^^

Few weeks ago I met with Ann, Moe, Claire & Nettan in Tel Aviv.
It was when there was a really heavy haze in Israel for few days, so it was hot and dirty and ew.
On the bus in Tel Aviv. They can all say I look like a creep, at least I didn't have to breath that crap:D

When we met at Dizingoff Center before Moe joined us~
Claire, Ann, me & Nettan

My hair & code~
Casual onee gyaru look

Shirt...Off brand
Shoes...TOGO+shoe clips from Aliexpress
Bag...Samantha Vega

My love♥

I met myself

We had lunch and then we just hang and Ann's bf joined us when we went for coffee outside the Center~
Then Moepi gave me my late birthday present:DD yay!

I love Etam! They have such cute room wear omgT_T
Those shorts♥ those shoes♥♥♥

I don't really remember if it was before or after that meeting but Nettan, Innu & me had a nomikai in Tel AvivXD

My outfit [no heels cause I knew what's gonna happenXD]

Tunic...Bialik st.
Necklace...Michal Negrin

Innu brough baby Smirnoff twinsXD

So lovely

So elegant

It was really funny and we went to eat and I didn't remember what I ate lol.
We need to do this again before I go back to schoooooolllT_T

Also some news!
We have a new kitten:D
We still don't know ifwe can keep it but for now he's with us:> he's really small and black so we named him Azuki kun:D

Right nowis a little hard for George to be in the aprtment while Azukun is here, but actually today was a little better cause he stayed for longer and didn't get so mad.. I hope it will be better everyday~!

He's so adorable!T_T

Today is the queen's birthday- Tsubasa Masuwaka is turnning 30!

So I thought I'll post some of my favorite pics of her^^ I have so many but here are someXD
I hope she will keep being so inspiring and amazing!

And that's it for today~ not much but at least I'm posting about all the stuff that happened!
I hate it when I'm lazy and I post about stuff that happened a month agoT_T
Now I have to go to work~
It's a little scary in Israel nowdays, especially in Jerusalem share I live, I kinda thinking of taking a knife with me lolXD It's not even funnyXDDD
So [I hope to] see you in the next post!




  1. איזה פוסט מקסים! התמונה עם נטע שהייתן שיכורות ממש הרגה אותי חחח
    אזוקי כזה חמוד): הלוואי ותוכלו לשמור את התינוק;-;
    טסו צ'אן מזל טוב!!!
    מתגעגעת אליך אהובT_T♡♡♡

  2. The kitty is so cute <3 I really love your bag in the first outfit btw, it's so pink and perfect!!

  3. I love how you look so cute even in onee gyaru! <3 And your new kitten is adorable, I hope you can keep him!

    I can't believe Tsubasa Masuwaka is 30.... She looks so young o_o