Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shopping with mom, Gets, And new shoes from eBay [Review]

I'm in class nowXD The lesson is about to end so I thought I'll start this post now and I'll finish it at home^^
Today's post will be about my shopping date with mom on Friday^^!

This was my outfit~ We went to Azrieli to eat and do some shopping:D

Socks...tutu anna
Bag...Shimamura [And Hello Kitty doll by Rady] 


And the new shoes I got that same morning:D
I'll review them in this post and put a link is someone is interested^^

I just have to say now I really love them!

And my make~ No bottom lashes, Upper lashes by Diamond Lash.
The Lenses are my new brown lenses that Nofar brought me from Thailand^^

We were sitting at Cafe Hillel like we always do when we go to Azrieli togetherXD

And we shared a salad called "Home Salad" and it was really good!

Then we went to do some shopping:D
And I you look for Christmas clothes, You have to go to H&M!
They have many many clothes in Christmas theme:D A lot of red & white, Glitters and Christmas patterns!^^

Also for Christmas theme accessories look at Accessorize!:D

This is what I got from H&M:


White crop knit~ I was looking for a cute basic one in like forever and didn't find something that I liked in a good price, and then I found this one in only 60 NIS!

I don't know if you can see but it's kirakira:D

Also it was 50% off on the second knit so the Christmas one was 100 NIS and the white one was 30 NIS only cause of the sale!


The only Barbie collaboration item I got so far! I'm so glad they had it^^ 

This cute plaid dress~ I already have a coord for it on my mind^^ Even two!
It's very Yumachi style^^

Navy blue knee socks and black over knees from Superpharm, also on sale~ it was only 12 NIS each~ And there were many more colors!

Thank to my mom for buying me all those cute stuff!!

So Now for the white short boots I got from eBay!
I got them on Nov 2, So it took them something like 20 days to arrive! It's really fast I'm so happy^^

This is the pic from eBay~

And those are the shoes I got~

First good thing- they look the same as the pic on eBay. They're very light which is also good cause I hate heavy shoes~ The only bad thing is that I ordered size 38 [7.5, 23.5-24 cm] and they are a bit small~ So I recommend you if you order them, buy one size bigger then your actual size, especially cause you have to put n socks with those shoes.

I walked with them for half a day and they we're comfortable at first but then after a while it started to feel to tight cause it was a bit smallT_T But the heel and everything is comfortable!

So I rank them:
Look: 5-5
Shipping: 5-5
Price: 5-5
Comfortable: 3-5 [only cause of the size]

So the total will be 4-5 cause I really like them but the size was a problem cause it's not really 38. Again I say that if you buy those, order one size bigger then yours!also in black nowXD

So now I'm at home lol I actually had to stop writing and go home from school. Anyway, this is it for today, I have tons of homework for tomorrow and I don't even know how to do them lol. But I'll do my best! [Almost]. See you again tomorrow!



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