Monday, November 9, 2015

7 Items - 7 Outfits! [Pastel theme]

Today's post will be a special post that I actually made long time ago and never postedT_T this is why in might be a little irrelevant and I'm sorry! since it's already autumn and those are summer clothes.
Well, For this post I took 7 items and made 7 different corrds using only them! I also used 2 pairs of shoes and some other accessories but the clothes are the same 7 items!
The theme of this one is pastel^^

Let's start!

1. Denim shirt - off brand
2. Lavender skirt - Spinns
3. Baby pink blouse - Penderie
4. Pastel plaid tunic - Pull&Bear
5. Lavender crop top - off brand
6. Lace sukapan - Snidel
7. Lace crop top - FOREVER21

And here are the 7 outfits I made combining only those 7 items!
(Click on the picture to enlarge^^)

And for the accessories I used-

Sneakers...Shinjuku ALTA
Transparent stripes socks...tutu Anna
Lavender socks...tutu Anna
Silver socks...DollKiss
White purse...Liz Lisa
White stripe brand
Heart bag...Claire's
Mokomoko bracelet\hair accessories...WEGO

I'm kinda mad at myself for not posting it on summer time when I was actually planning on posting it, but as always I had other stuff to post about and it took me forever to do itT_T
Still I hope you like it^^

Today I had a free day cause class was canceled. I was supposed to do my homework for tomorrow but I kinda did everything but that and avoided doing it until now. I need to make some video for Studio class about midnight\dawn. I don't really know what to do thoughT_T It's so hard for me to think of ideas for that kind of stuff! I usually just really enjoy watching other people's works and it's really interesting to talk about it and hear what people and the teacher has to say. I hope I'll find an idea soonT_T I will if I'll stop doing other stuff!

This is what I did:

Also Hatuli went to school today and took my laptop so I kinda had nothing to do:|
Also.. ugh, I miss Tokyo!T_T
I actually wrote a lot about it just now and erased all of it cause I don't know if I really want to get into that subject-_-
I'm gonna start doing something with myself now cause it's getting really late and I have to have something for tomorrow, I have to!;;

Have a nice evening or morning or day, wherever you are^^



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