Thursday, November 5, 2015

Claire's birthday event & Some school coords!

Good morning!

I cannot believe I'm doing it, posting day after day! I'm so happy I'm not being lazy atm~
just gonna make myself a quick cup of coffee and starting that post~

Ok I'm back lol XD
So I'm at home cause starting late, I have an afternoon work shop today, I have to remember it when I'll get dress:|
In today's post I'll tell you about Claire's b-day event and also post some school outfits^^

So Claire's birthday event was on Friday a week before Halloween^^ 

Everyone met in FAUCHON in Sarona and it was so fancy and pink and perfect omgT_T 
I really liked that place! I've been to FAUCHON when we we're in Paris but this is the first time eating there ever:D everything is so elegant!

This was my outfit~ Onee gal style^^

Skirt...Lip Service
Bag...Liz Lisa
Bracelet...A present from Nofar^^

My make~


With Claire & Ann while waiting for everyone to arrive lol

I was really going all the way lol ordering the Parisian breakfast~ omg help

It was perfect though.
Those little jars were jam and something like milky-honey-yummy-spread XD
I donnuXD

Even the coffee is perfect

After we ate the staff brought Claire 2 plates of macarons on the house for her birthday!^^
So cute!

With the pretty birthday girl<3

With Annki<3

With Minniettan:D

After that half of us went to Nettan's and half to Azrieli, I went with the second half- Moepi, Mayu & Claire to Azrieli, and while Mayu & Claire went to look at FOREVER21 Moepi & I had our 4948350 coffee at Aroma lol
Like the grumpy boyfriendsXD
Then we all had to go home~ it was a really fun meeting^^!
Also Claire said she liked my present and I was super happy cause I like bringing friends stuff the need and want!<3

And for some school outfits from last week and this week.

Socks...Bruria Dizingoff Center


Denim onepiece...FOREVER21
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Hat...תחנה מרכזית ת"א


Cardigan...Ank Rouge
Tote bag...Ank Rouge
Socks...tutu Anna
Shoes...NO FAIL Harajuku
Hair clip...שוק הכרמל


Shorts...Pinky Girls
Cardigan...Dizingoff Center
Beatles bag<3...Present from my dad:D

One last thing~
Mayu chan made a clip for us and it's sooooo cuteT_T I love it!!!<3
I love you gals so much.

And now I have to goT_T
I'm working today after school and I think I'll finish really late cause it's Thursday night-_- my god. I hope it will be ok. The only thing I can think about is that I'm going to my parents house tomorrow<3

So I wish you all a good day!



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