Sunday, November 22, 2015

Good Twintails Day! Code, Weekend fun & Inspiration~

Today I'm still sickT_T But I went to school cause I had only on short lesson. It wasn't so cold but I was freezing omg. I hate being sick!!!
Now I'm at home and soon going to my friend's house to do some homework that like always I don't want to do~

This was today's coord cause it was cold and I was angry>:[
Rokku style. brand [Nakano Broadway]
Scarf...City Store brand [רחלי]

Well I cheated with skirt on top of leggings cause I don't want to wear pants:(

So this weekend we did fun stuff for Hatuli's b-day^^
On Thursday we went to a restaurant called 'Mona' in Jerusalem [I wrote about in in my last post] and it was really fun and we ate lots of tasty food:D

This was my fancy outfit for dinner

Turtleneck shirt...Momo
Bag...Liz Lisa

I'm don't usually wear long pants but when I'm sick I kinda have to:{

Me & Hatuli!<3333
[Sorry for the lack of makeup I felt like shit lol]

Hatuli is mad at me for trying to snap a pic of himXD

And the food we had^^
At first we got bread with olive oil & garlic which was really tasty, and then while we were waiting   we also got small bowls of [corn porridge with cheese and mushrooms] on the house and it was really good!

Then I got my first dish which was a salad with 2 kinds of cherry tomatoes and Bryndza cheese<3

And my main dish was of course Ravioli XD With cheese, tomatoes and eggplants~~

And the best thing~~~!!!!
The dessert<3333
It was perfect! Chestnut tart with vanilla sauce and Cinnamon ice cream*_*

And of course- coffee XD

Birthday cat

Then we went home and the morning after, on Friday, we went to Hatuli's parents for the weekend.
On Saturday we did a Birthday Picnic for Hatuli^^

Hatuli is also a tree.

There was a cute puppy there and he was perfectT_T I wish we could take it!!!!*_*

Then in the evening we went back home and I went straight to work but got home early cause I'm really sick:( Hope that tomorrow I'll be better cause I'm working again. *SIGH*

Today is somehow "Good twin tails day" in Japan [22.11] even though the official Twintails Day is 22.2~ BUT! Why not making a twintail inspiration post??


Do you also like twintails?:D

So now I have to go cause my friend is already waiting [and started to make us some pancakes!]. I don't want to go out!!T_T It's so cold.
I hope I could post tomorrow as well, I should have time but I'll see~
I still haven't posted the perfect pink setup I found on a cheap store in Jerusalem!XDD
lol OK now I'm really going.

Have a good twintails day!



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