Monday, November 2, 2015

First visit at Nettan's new home, School outfits & Recent gets!


What am I doing here? I'm supposed to work on my sequence for stop motion class on Wednesday. How typical~
In today's post I'll tell you about my first visit with Ann at Nettan's new apartment, post some school coords like I promised and also post some recent gets^^

So it was already a while ago but when I was on my last week of summer break I went to visit Nettan's new apartment in Tel Aviv!

This was my make that day~ was to lazy for lashes lol

Also my coord~ you can already see the pink stuff in the apartment:D

Bag...Samantha Vega
Parka...Sugar Gloss

With Ann & Nettan:D

I was helping a little bit too:D

It was the day Nettan first got the apartment and it was kinda empty but by now it's already perfect lolXD everything is pink & white<3 Barbie's house!
I can't wait to take good pics of my new apartment I really love it! but it is not yet ready, at least not completely~ we still don't have a carpet and we have some stuff from our old apartment that we need to take back to my parents house but well.. it's a problem since we don't have a car:|

I borough Nettan coffee on my way and we got those pink cups at Cofix!

After Ann joined us we ordered from out favorite restaurant Piazza that is actually 5 minutes walk from Nettan's apartmentXD The location is amazing*_*
I ordered my one and only salad of course, and hen after a while Nettan had to go so Ann & me went to catch our buses~

Also, Nettan got me little presents:D! I love accessoriesT_T I need more!
Thank you kodomo!<3

And for some more gets!

Who's Who




And also bought that cute apron in JerusalemXD I love it lol

In my last post I said that I have many school coords to post. well apparently I don't have them all on my laptop so I'll save some for my next post!

Shirt...OLIVE des OLIVE
Denim shorts...Liz Lisa
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Bag...תחנה מרכזית ת"א


Onepiece...Second hand from my mom:D sister's lol
Over knees...FOREVER21


Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA


Dress...F.i.n.t Jane
Bag...Ank Rouge

And somehow, I only wanted to buy eyelid tape on ebay today and ended up ordering 2 pairs of shoes:|

I hope they look as good IRL lol.
I really needed winter shoes for school~

So, that's it for today's post~ Now I really HAVE TO start my homeworkT_T

Oh god it's so hard for me every time to start a semester.. after a while it's ok and I can manege to so my homework and other stuff as well but right now I feel so bad about everything I do which is not my homework and also I can't even come up with something good for any of the projects I have!T_T
I really hate the first semester:(

I'll try to find time to post again tomorrow even though I really have a lot to doT_T




  1. Do you get most of your clothes online, or from secondhand sales?

    1. Both! I get most of them online and most of what I get online for myself is secondhand~ I always like older collections lol~

  2. So sweet that you all helped her move! I would love a Barbie home, but my bf probably wouldn't like it xD

    1. I know the feel bro!XD When we moved to our apartment there was already one pink wall so I was so happy lol~ we have some pink stuff but mostly other natural colors.. BUT! I decided that I'll have lots of Rilakkuma stuff in my new home cause he can't say anything about it being too girly lol [he is actually ok with it he likes RilakkumaXDD]