Sunday, November 15, 2015

Yumachi inspired outfit, one spo & Ma*rs wishlist!

How are you?
I'm at home now~ Not long ago I came back from meeting my friend Beggy from Germany that came to visit in Israel and her cute girlfriend Eli^^ we had coffee here in Jerusalem and it was really fun! I was really sad at the end~ the last time I've seen Beggy it was maybe... 4 years ago? Hopefully they will come again to Israel next year for longer time^^

This morning I had my first lesson but the second one was cancelled so I came home early with Hatuli~ Tomorrow I also have one class in the morning and then I work in the evening. Yesterday I finally got my salary and it was actually better then I expected^^ I really wish next time will be even better since starting this month I got a raise*_*!

So this was today's code~ Inspired by a pic of Yumachi from last year, I really liked her outfit there^^

I didn't have the exact same items of course but I tried to do something like her coord^^


Also this was my super casual\lazy coord on Friday~

Cardigan...Hello Kitty brand brand

I had kind of a road trip with friends from school even though the purpose of it wasn't happy at all~
In the end, the road itself was lots of fun! We had stops for coffee and for pancakes on our way home at Beit Hapancake :D


Today I looked at Shibuya109 NET SHOP and I found so many stuff thet I wantT_T whyyyyyyyy so expensive and whyyyyyyyyyy shipping servicesssss???T_T
So today I'll post my wishlist only from one spo & Ma*rs, and I have to say, I was super disappointed with the items they sell in Ma*rs now...\: it's so boring.

 At least most of them. Almost no more Ma*rs patterns and not enough pink! It's like the onee style everyone has now only slightly different maybe. why?? where is the Agejo they used to have?? it's so sad! So I didn't find so many stuff that I wanted there, but in one spo I want SO MANY. omg.
I'll start with one spo!

That top~~~~

My Life~

Everything there is exactly the stuff I'm looking for this winter! any over size mokomoko clothes and casual cute clothes and accessories! I want it all in all colors:(((


And now for Ma*rs wishlist~

And that's it!!! wtf right?? Tomochan is gorgeous of course that I have to say.T_T [She's a sweetheart too<3]. I still hope maybe they will make some more dresses or stuff I donnu, that has cute patterns on themT_T

So ok I'll finish here I think. Again I'm posting instead of doing homework. why? why? will I ever do it on time?
Next post I'll continue my wish list and also I need to post some new gets that I did have latelyXD
Still waiting for those eBay shoes btw. Soon it's black Friday right? Does anyone planning on something special? I think I'll order more shoes and makeupXD I had my eye on that KATE eyeshadow~~~ *sigh* the never ending list of stuff I want to buy.
I broke as always thoughXDD #KotobukiRan
So everyone have a wonderful evening!!



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  1. I'm so sad about the MA*RS collection! Not enough patterns, not enough pink and not enough super girly items T^T I hope they will go back to their own style by summer!