Saturday, November 14, 2015

撮影 ~ Photoshoot day!

I'm sorry I didn't post the last few days, I was kinda busy since Wednesday T_T
That day we had the photoshoot I'm about to write about, and I came home really late that day and the day after I had work and on friday I was out all day:O So basically I just didn't have timeXD

So Today I'm gonna tell you about the photo shoot^^
The theme was Japanese fashion~ and it was for a project by a friend of mine who is a photography student who really likes Japanese fashion^^ We had 2 different looks for that photo shoot, one was Sweet gyaru and the other one was Seifuku.

On my way to Tel Aviv~

It took me FOREVER to get there. I was at school from 10 to 1 pm and then I had to take a bus home, take my stuff and go to catch a bus to Tel Aviv, But there were so many traffics that it took me almost 3 hours to arrive!!!! horrible.
So when I got to Tel Aviv I met Mayu and we did our makeup and then we met Innu & Nettan and we all changed our clothes and went to meet Yaniv the photographer and Jay that was also a model^^

Before and After the makeupXD

I used my new brown lenses that I didn't write about yetXD

With Mayu chan<3


We were like twins with that lookXD

Cute Michal that was also with us during the shooting!<3
Thank you for the cute behind the scenes pics:D

Jay taking a photo of us waitingXD

And also Jay had those cute hamsters on a necklace lol so adorable!!

Second look~ Seifuku!

All the models with Yaniv:D


Seifuku PiyoMinnie!

It's always hard to model but I still like itXD I had fun at the photo shoot especially cause it was with my gals!
After we finished we went to eat dinner and I was soooooo hungry cause I didn't eat anything that day*_* Then I went with Yaniv to the bus station and took my last bus to Jerusalem~
I can't wait to see the photos!:D

Now I'm gonna go and do a little home cleaning and stuff before I'm going to work. Tomorrow school againT_T
 Wish me luck on an another school week omg.

I wish everyone a pleasant evening<3



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