Friday, November 27, 2015

Outfit & Hair color! (And some Tsubasa inspiration)

How are you today? Are you happy like me that it's finally weeked?XD
Also something even happier- I'm at my parents house! After 3 weeks-_- I really missed them~ We just finished eating dinner and soon my friends will come, I missed them also!
And! I'm not sick anymore:D yay! Thanks for the cute comments in blog\IG\facebook!
Yesterday I went to school and then I met with Nofar that came to Jerusalem^^ We sat in a pub and also just did a little walk in the city and it was really nice^^ Then I took my stuff and went with her to my parents home and went straight to sleepXD

This was my school outfit yesterday~
It was actually cause that morning I got a comment on my Amekaji outfit on IG, a sweet girl said I looked like Tsubasa there and then I remembered Tsubasa had many cute Amekaji outfits back in 2008 and also she had those king of Amekaji-rokku coords that I tried to do here~

Shoes...H&M brand [ת' מרכזית תלאביב] brand [רחלי]

This is te style I was taking about-

I actually bought that cardigan and also the necklace I put on that day and you can't see in the photo, back in 2009 when I came back from Japan and I bought my first issue of Popteen cause I really liked Tsubasa's blog and I tried to find clothes in Israel that look a bit like her style! I didn't even think of it when I took the cardigan and necklace yesterday and only thought about it later that dayXD

Earlier today I dyed my hair, Finally.
I only dyed my roots actually cause my hair is really dead:( I need a haircut but I don't want to!T_T
Anyway, I used this hair color-

It is Garnier 'Extra light natural ash blonde' and the number is 111.
I use it cause it's actually really bleaching the hair, more then other colors I tried. Of course I don't get the color in the picture lol but the hair get really light.
I used it all and actually I should have bought another one cause it wasn't really enough for my hairT_T Next time~
I waited for 45 minuted before washing my hair.

Whet I like about Garnier's hair color is that it doesn't hurt my scalp! Usually light colors like that one really burn while on my head but this one don't:O
And this is the result!

Before                                           After

In the pic it looks even darker then it really is~ I'll take a better photo tomorrow in day light.
I'm pleased with the result! As always actually. My only problem now is that my hair looks orange cause I didn't use toner in a really long time and I'm afraid to, cause my hair is really damaged. Have to figure out what to doT_T

So my friends are coming soon, So I'll finish here^^ 
I said in my last post that I'll do a 'Long pants challenge' and I forgot that I wanted to post it even though I already took the pictures! So it will be soon but not todayT_T
But ugh, I'm so happy I'm here omgXD I also really missed my room and everything. This pic was taken this morning when I woke up<3

So I hope you all have a great weekend! I post again tomorrow about today's shopping date with my mom:DD



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  1. Love the outfit! Tsubasa is amazing <3 Question: Do you just bleach your hair in one go? Because it is pretty dark!