Sunday, November 8, 2015

Today's code, Recent gets & Okarie inspiration!

 I guess in most places it's still weekend but in Israel it's the beginning of a new weekT_T
I'm now at school but gonna finish in half an hour and go home yay! 
As I said in my last post, I finally finished posting everything that happened lately, so now I can post recent stuff^^ I don't know if it's interesting but I like posts like that~:>>
Also I got new lenses and some makeup that I want to review! But in today's post I wanted to share today's school code and some recent gets, and also the second part of my Okarie inspiration pics collection XDDD

This is today's code~ Seifuku!<3

Scarf...שוק הכרמל

My first lesson today was with Hatuli:D
He draw us twin tattoos lol

For Hebrew speakers- Hatuli is a random person.

This is one outfit I had this weekend cause I was super lazy and it was raining all the time lol

Leggings...מדרחוב בן יהודה
Coat...Cactus Allenby st.

And for some recent gets!^^ I'm so happy!! I love everything and I really needed pretty winter clothes! Every winter, especially since I moved to Jerusalem I never have cute coords cause it's too cold and all my winter clothes are basic and boring:(( So now I'm trying to buy a lot of pretty winter clothes! I want many mokomoko stuff:D

So! one of my few long pants^^ It's off brand and it's not skinny~ I hate skinny pants on winter

Swankiss style knit! I'm still not sure how to coordinate it but I'm thinking of a maxi skirt!

Maxi dress from Cecil McBee<333333
I love it SO MUCH omgT_T I was looking for a navy plaid maxi dress\skirt for a long time and this one is even prettier then I though*_*

PARK GIRL neko mimi hoodie^^
It's very hime gyaru and I really like it:> Also it can be used as a dress:D


So now for the second part of the post~ Okarie inspiration!
Some posts ago I said I really like the old posts in Okarie's blog cause I found a lot of inspiration there^^ I saved so many pics I had to post them in parts! 
I really likes her makeup also and the hair<333333 

So have fun!^^

I love how she can make so many coords with the same items! No wonder she got her own brand~ She has such a great sense of style!

Now I'm gonna finish the post cause the lesson is about to end~ lol
I'm so hungry omg.
I'm sorry if it was boring for you, in my next post I promise something specialXD

Wish you all a great week!<3




  1. Awh your recent coords are so cute!
    I love Okarie, especially her old styles <33333

    1. Thank you so much sweet!<3^^
      And I really hope Okarie don't become too natural like Kumicky or TsubasaT_T I love how she still doing cute makeup and wearing those pretty clothesT0T<3

  2. Okarie <3<3 I love her coords that are both sweet and cool.
    Your school coords are super cute! I tend to dress super boring at uni sometimes when I don't feel like waking up in the morning XD

    1. Thank you!;;<3
      I try to dress gal in school cause it's the only fun thing in going out for meT_T I kinda hate my studies so I try to find nice things to hold on to lol [how sad].