Wednesday, November 4, 2015

PiyoBee mall date, School outfits, Gets & outfit inspiration pics!

How are you? I'm a little better today~ thanks to friends from school cheering me up and helping me~ I feel really lucky to have them right now since all my friends live in different cities and I don;t even have the time to go to see them, same with my family, so now that I have people from school I can call friends I feel better and less lonely. I guess it could have happened sooner though, the problem is my lol I'm really grumpy at school.
Anyway, this week was a little rough but I only have tomorrow and then on Friday I'm going to see my family after a long timeT_T I really miss them..

So now I'm at home and I have to go to work in 50 min.. why do I always start posts when I have to go?XD
Today's post will be about meeting with Innu and also some inspiration pics!

A week or 2 before Halloween I went to a mall date with Innu<3

Blouse...Liz Lisa brand
Flipflops...Liz Lisa
Accessories...Liz Lisa, FOREVER21, off brand

I went on the romantic-country Liz Lisa look^^ Also I took my mom's Liz Lisa ring lol


We had coffee and lunch [I think] and we looked at some stores, and then we saw those beautiful things on H&M.

We had to try them onXDDD We actually stood 10~15 minutes on line to try them on and not buying them. Totally worth it.

I was crying and laughing while putting it on and when Innu to my change room with that hat I died.

We should have bought thoseXDDD

After that Nettan joined us and we also looked at some stores and hang and then I had to goT_T

Also I'll post 2 outfits of today & yesterday cause I see I have time to make the post a little longer:D

So this was Yesterday's school code, Swankiss inspired~

Skirt...Spinns brand
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Bag...Liz Lisa
Earrings...תחנה מרכזית ת"א


Ank this was today's code, I thought it will be like yesterday so only had a cardigan.. I froze T_T

Blouse...Second Hand
Socks...tutu Anna

And for some gets!
Lately it got a little colder so of course I'm falling inlove with different styleXD this time it's like old Popteen style, brands like Ank Rouge, One Spo, Co&Lu and WC~ of course some Liz Lisa items goes well with that style also.
I want to buy lots of mokomoko items and winter accessories^^ and my winter style to be cozy and cute:>
So I got those 2 old style Ank Rouge items~

I'm INLOVE with both of them, seriusly.. I really like that old Ank Rouge patternT_T I want to get more hoodies and oversize knits<3 

Also I got this maxi skirt which is like.. Liz Lisa style but actually it's offbrand^^"
This is the one I was wearing for my date with Innu~ I want to coord it with over size thick knit and maybe fluffy boots^^

I really wanted this kind of skirt cause of that old pic of Okarie~

I think Okarie's blog is one of the most inspiring model blogs there is cause in her really old posts you can see that she posts coord every single day and she often uses her recent buys several times in different variations that is like the meaning of coordinating for me~ I don't really like to have items that you cant coord like stuff that you wear and then you can wear again in almost the same way after a long time><
This is like one of my favorite things~ to coordinate<3
In this post I'll share some old pics I took from Okarie's crooz blog^^ I have so many that I'll have to make another post lol

Well I know it's might be kinda.. too simple for many gals this days. cause the trends are a lot more fancy now [which I also like lol], but I feel really inspired by it for my everyday life cause when I go to school I want to wear more simple and casual outfits that still look gal^^
So, for those of you who feels the same as me I hope you found it inspiring as well!

So now I'll do and change, cause I have to leave really soon!XD
it's almost weekend guys! don't lose hope!T_T





  1. Georgeee so much fun with your frequent blog updates, you pretty bastard!!
    And YES mokomoko the shit out of this winter! XD
    Also the Okarie pictures are so inspiring <3 definitely will be helpful for casual days :D

    1. Katan<3
      Thank you for the sweet comment!:D
      ואת יודעת מה הכי טוב בלהיות עירקי< שאנחנו מוקומוקו בטבעי

  2. You are so cute :3 and yes Okarie definitely is so inspirational *O* ♥

    1. Thank you so much!<3^^
      And Okarie is perfect I love her fashion through all the years and even now!T_T