Monday, November 16, 2015

Today's shopping, Gets, Ank Rouge & GLAVIL wishlist!

Hi Hi!

Quick update before I go to work!
Today I didn't go to schoolT_T I didn't feel so well and I was really tired and also didn't do the homework I had [lol] so decided to stay at home. In the afternoon I went to hang a little in the city cause I was bored and kinda upset, I wish buying stuff wouldn't ve the cure for everything but it is:|

So only one lazy coord for today

Sweatshirt...Paul Smith
Tights...Slimming tights from Donqi [they keep me warmT_T]
Bag...a present from Moepi

I though I'll take a look at all the cheap fashion stores in the city and look what I found in the first store I looked!

Liz Lisa replica!XD lol 
It was like 30 NIS which is something like 8$! Of course I had to buy it. But then I realized all the stored had those mokomoko jackets and coats and stuff, apparently everyone bought those from the importer that probably bought those from china or Aliexpress or whatever, so there was one Liz Lisa replica in itXDD 
I looked at all the other stores but didn't find another one. this is what I did found though:

Anpanman!XDDD I can't even.
But the big finding of today is actually a REAL hiromichi nakano mokomoko coat omg. It's like.. super expensive. I really don't understand how. HOW???
I'll take a pic of my gets for the next post! Also I bought 2 lace belts^^

But I did take pics of some other stuff I got lately~ 

They're really basic but I like to wear theme with cute dresses to make it more casual^^
The left one is actually light grey~

Short fur boots [not real of course]. I need those in more colors*_*

Elegant hat! finally. I want it in more colors as well~

Finally got my new flat iron after Hatuli broke mineT_T
I should review this one sometime..

And now for the second part of my wishlist!
As I said yesterday I looked at Shibuya109 NET SHOP and found lots of stuff I want and won't get lol.
Today I'll post only Ank Rouge and GLAVIL~ Again I didn't find many stuff I want from GLAVIL cause like I've said about Ma*rs they really changed a lot and they don't have many Rokku gyaru stuff anymoreT_T Just loke.. plain rokku idk..
Anyway~ Ank Rouge!

So many coats that I want!!
I actually don't have any white coats anymore T_T



Wish they had more cute stuff like when they had the Serikamacho collection T_____T

So ok now I have to go cause I don't want to be late for work!
Tomorrow I'll post my gets from today!^^

Have a nice evening!



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  1. Hope you're feeling better after your retail therapy :p haha~
    So funny you found those replicas, I would be REALLY surprised if I found them in IcelandXD